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IDI diesel engines utilize a pre-combustion chamber, typically referred to as a swirl chamber or prechamber. Fuel is injected into the prechamber where it rapidly mixes with air and autoignition occurs. As the flame front expands in the pre-chamber, it forces fuel to enter the combustion chamber rapidly, effectively mixing the fuel with air in the cylinder and atomization is achieved.

There are two types of injection systems, direct and indirect. Indirect injection or IDI is when the fuel injection is not directly injected into the combustion chamber. Instead, fuel goes into a pre-combustion chamber or an air cell to begin the process that then spreads into the main combustion.

Gasoline direct injection

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Requirements of a diesel injection system. Classification of injection system. Diesel injection systems jerk pump injectors. Nozzles of different types. Electronic fuel infection system. Cooling system. But in case of carburetion fuel is atomized by processes relying on the air speed greater than fuel speed at the fuel nozzle , whereas in fuel-injection the fuel speed at the point of delivery is greater than the air speed to atomize the fuel.

Requirements of a diesel injection system: Requirements of a diesel injection system The functional requirements of an injection system are listed below; Introduction of the fuel into the combustion chamber should take place within a precisely defined period of the cycle.

The metering of amount of fuel injected per cycle should done very accurately. The injection rate should be such that it results in the desired heat-release pattern.

The injected fuel must be broken into very fine droplets. Uniform distribution of fuel droplets throughout the combustion chamber. They are : Air injection system Solid injection system Air injection system: A ir injection system In this method fuel is forced into the cylinder by means of compressed air to a very high pressure.

The rate of fuel admission can be controlled by varying the pressure of air. The fuel valve is opened by means of a mechanical linkage operated by the camshaft which controls the timing of injection.

The fuel valve is also connected to a high pressure air line fed by a multi stage compressor which supplies air at a pressure of about 60 to 70 bar. A separate mechanical linkage is required to time the operation of fuel valve. The fuel valve sealing requires considerable skill. This also results in reduced B. In case of sticking of the fuel valve , the system becomes quite dangerous due to the presence of high pressure air.

Solid injection system: S olid injection system In this method fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber without primary atomization is termed as solid injection.

Unit injector system. Common rail system. Distributor system. The pump may be placed close to cylinder as shown in fig a or PowerPoint Presentation: May be arranged in a cluster as shown in fig b. The amount of fuel injected depends on the effective stroke of the plunger. Each cylinder is provided with one of these unit injectors. Commmon rail system:: C ommmon rail system: In common rail system a high pressure fuel pump delivers fuel to an accumulator, whose pressure is kept constant with the help of a pressure regulating valve.

The amount of fuel entering the cylinder is regulated by varying the length of the push rod stroke. The fuel pump after metering the required amount of fuel supplies it to rotating distributor at the correct time for supply to each cylinder. PowerPoint Presentation: The number of injection strokes per cycle for the pump is equal to the number of cylinders. Since there is only one metering element , a uniform distribution is automatically ensured. Not only that , the cost of the fuel injection system also reduces to a valve less than two — third of that for individual pump system.

The plunger is driven by a camshaft. The working principle of jerk pump is as follow: Near the port A, fuel is always available under relatively low pressure. At this stage it is closed by means of a spring loaded check valve. When the plunger is below port A, the fuel gets filled in the barrel above it.

The only escape route for the fuel is pass the check valve through orifice B to the injector. The injection continues till the helix on the plunger uncovers port C. The same sequence of events occur. But in this case port C is uncovered sooner. Hence the effective stroke is shortened. Various types of nozzles used in C I engine are: Single hole nozzle. Pintle nozzle. Pintaux nozzle.

At the center of the nozzle body there is a single hole which is closed by the nozzle valve. The size of the hole is usually larger than 0. The hole may be drilled centrally or at an angle to the centre line of the nozzle. Main disadvantages of the Single hole nozzle are: Single hole nozzle has tendency to dribble.

The spray angle is very narrow. This does not facilitate good mixing unless higher air velocities are provided. Multi-hole Nozzle: : Multi-hole Nozzle: In order to mix the fuel properly even with the slow air movement available with many open combustion chamber ,a Multi-hole nozzle. Advantages; Gives good atomization.

Distribute fuel property even with lower air motion available in open combustion chamber. Very high injection. It either cylindrical or conical in shape.

Advantages: It is self cleaning type. It prevent the carbon deposition on the nozzle hole. It result in good atomization. Hence not suitable for open combustion chamber. This results in good cold starting performance. Disadvantages: The tendency of the auxiliary hole to choke. The injection characteristics are even poorer then multi hole nozzle.

An electronic control unit ECU or computer receives electrical signals in the form of current or voltage from various sensors. The ECU will then increase the injector pulse width to enrich the mixture which will enable the engine to produce higher power.

EFI system has a cold start injector too. This is an extra injector that sprays fuel into the center of the engine intake manifold when the engine is cold. It server the same purpose as the carburetor choke. The cold start injector ensures easy engine start up in very cold weather. Engine temperature sensor. Air flow sensor. Air inlet temperature sensor. Throttle position sensor. Manifold pressure sensor.

Camshaft position sensor. Knock sensor. Distribution of fuel being independent of vapourization less volatile fuel can be used. Demerit of EFI system: High maintenance cost. Difficulty in servicing. Possibility of malfunction of some sensors. This can be either air or a liquid. There two types of cooling system for cooling the I C engine, these are: Water or indirect cooling system. Air cooling system. The water from a storage tank is directly supplied through an inlet valve to the engine cooling water jacket.

The hot water is not cooled for reuse but simply discharged. Heat is supplied to the fluid in the tank A. Because of the relatively lower density, the hot fluid travels up, its place being taken up by comparatively cold fluid from the tank B through the pipe p2. The hot fluid flows through the pipe p1 to the tank B where it gets cooled. Thus the fluid circulated through the system in the form of convection currents.

For engine application, tank A represents the cylinder jackets while tank B represents a radiator and water acts the circulating fluid. PowerPoint Presentation: The water or coolant is circulated through jackets around the parts of the engine to be cooled and kept in motion by a centrifugal pump which is driven by the engine. The water is passed through the radiator where it is cooled by air drawn through the radiator by a fan.

A thermostat is used to control the water temperature required for cooling. This system mainly consists of four components, viz.

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Indirect Injection vs Direct Injection

Comparison between direct and indirect fuel injection in an s. Combustion characteristics of an indirect injection idi diesel engine fueled with ethanol. In , first serial application of the indirect injection controlled by electronics vw

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Diesel Fuel Injection

Module Electronic Fuel Injection Diagnosis and Repair Active codes are codes describing a condition that is currently present to alert the driver or service technician of abnormal parameters. Actuator is a device that performs work in response to an electronic signal. ECU can detect various states of engine by various sensors and control the optim al volum e of fuel.

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    Gasoline direct injection GDI , also known as petrol direct injection PDI , [1] is a mixture formation system for internal combustion engines that run on gasoline petrol , where fuel is injected into the combustion chamber.

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    FIGURE 4–3 An indirect injection diesel engine uses a prechamber and a glow plug. Indirect Injection Begins In Pre Combustion Chamber.

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