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Possible causes of the problem: Java could be corrupted. Is it neccessary that Application Server and Node Agent Process it shows an error like page cannot be displayed, How to troubleshoot this issue? Using Cross Component Trace to troubleshoot applications.

WebSphere Portal Admin Interview Questions Pdf

A Web Sphere MQ server is a queue manager that provides queuing services to one or more clients. WebSphere refers to a brand for IBM software products. It is designed for setting up, operation and integration of electronic business applications. These applications could perform well on cross platform environment. These set of software are java based web technologies. It is a lightweight protocol. This protocol is optimized for use with messages that are non-persistent.

300+ TOP IBM WEBSPHERE Interview Questions and Answers

What is Portal? Portal provides content aggregation, personalization, authorization, and authentication. What is local rendering and remote rendering? Answer: The web content management portlets can be rendered local or remotely. A local rendering portlet displays content on the same portal as the instance where the web content manager is installed.

1) Explain what is Web-Sphere? 2) Mention what are the important component of Web-Sphere? 3) Mention some of the features available in Web-sphere? 4) Mention how does a WebSphere or any Application server clustering work? 5) Mention what type of files are required to deploy an application into Websphere?

Interview Question : WebSphere Application Server

Web-sphere is a tool based on Java and developed by IBM, to manage and create websites. Web-sphere is often used to build interactive web-oriented applications that support business functions required for e-commerce, it integrates all the data across different operating system and applications. If there is a communication failure with a particular cluster member, it will mark that member down and start routing all requests to the remaining cluster member till the original is available. In asymmetric clustering, the partition can be defined dynamically and runs on a single cluster at a time. The task which is particular to an appropriate cluster can be routed to that cluster.

IBM WAS Administration Interview Questions & Answers

WAS is the server that hosts for web applications.

WebSphere is designed to set up, operate and integrate electronic business applications across multiple computing platforms, using Java-based Web technologies. Selecting application server is part of architechtural process when infrastructure is defined. It depends on several facots: 1. External systems your application will be interacting 2.

Middleware Admin Interview Questions. Search this site. Websphere Application Server. Weblogic Application Server. Java Basics.

What is web sphere? The word web sphere popularly refers to IBM middleware technology products. Web sphere is known for its turn key operation in e business applications. It has run time components and tools which can help in creating applications which run on WAS.

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