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Estimating Import-Demand Function in ARDL Framework: The Case of Pakistan

A simultaneous equation model is used to estimate export demand and supply functions for US soybeans. Price, income, exchange rate and other effects on exports to four world regions are estimated. Results fail to support the usual empirical assumption of infinite supply price elasticity for soybeans. Sarwar, G. Report bugs here.

By means of a meta-analysis, this article sets out to estimate average values for the income and price elasticities of gasoline demand and to analyse the reasons for the variations in the elasticities reported by the literature. The findings show that there is publication bias, that the volatility of elasticity estimates is not due to sampling errors alone, and that there are systematic factors explaining these differences. The income and price elasticities of gasoline demand differ between the short and long run and by region, and the estimation can appropriately include the vehicle fleet and the prices of substitute goods, the data types and the estimation methods used. The presence of a low price elasticity suggests that a fuel tax will be inadequate to control rising consumption in a context of rapid economic growth. View bibliographical record in the Digital Repository.

We estimate the import demand function for Pakistan using the structural model recently developed by Emran and Shilpi The price and income elasticity estimates have correct signs and are statistically significant. The coefficient of scarcity premium, as it appeared statistically significant with correct sign, confirms the presence of a binding foreign exchange constraint on aggregate import demand, particularly before the period of trade liberalization. Abrishami, H and M. Iranian Economic Review. Wirjanto,

Income and Price Elasticities in World Trade

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: This paper builds, estimates. A key feature of this model is that international trade imbalances add up to zero. The analysis estimates income and price elasticities for bilateral import equations, tests for the properties of the error term, for parameter constancy, and for the choice of dynamic specification.

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elasticity of demand for imports and on the rest of the world's income elasticity of 'See Guy H. Orcutt-Measurement of Price Elasticities in International Trade.

Marshall–Lerner condition

Jinghua Xie, Henry W. The generalised demand specification of Barten and Eales et al. Results suggest that the demand for farmed salmon has become less price elastic over time, fresh salmon from the UK faces the most competition in world markets and fresh salmon from Chile the least. Promotion programmes sponsored by the Norwegian Seafood Export Council appear to have increased the demand for fresh salmon at the expense of frozen salmon. Although the estimated promotion effects are small, the programme appears to have been remunerative from the Norwegian producer perspective.

An important issue in applied international economics is the extent to which trade flows adjust to changes in income, relative prices, and exchange rates. While there have been numerous surveys regarding merchandise trade elasticities in industrial economies such as Japan and the United States, relatively little work has been completed with respect to developing regions of the world. Material in this article examines the literature on empirical estimates of import and export elasticities published for Latin America.

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    Lerner is satisfied if the absolute sum of a country's export and import demand elasticities demand responsiveness to price is greater than one.

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    rest of the world's income elasticity of demand for each country's exports. Johnson showed that if trade is initially balanced in a two-country model, if prices are.

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