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Why should you choose a hot-runner mold system over a cold-runner mold system or vice versa? Each type of molding system has unique features that help determine exactly which one is best for you. Called a cold-runner mold system because the runners are the same temperature as the molds, there are two types of cold-runner systems: a three-plate system and a two-plate system. Three-plate systems allow the part to be ejected from the runner without an ejection system , but are a little more complicated than a two-plate system , which does require an ejection system to remove the part and the runner from the mold.

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Difference between cold runner and hot runner of plastic injection mold. The hot runner system is composed of hot nozzles, shunt plates, temperature control boxes and accessories. Because of the direct determination of the heat flow channel system and the manufacturing of the mould, the hot runner system is often divided into the open hot runner system and the needle valve type hot runner system. Cold runner system at every time of mould can cause waste, at the time of injection molding parts, multiple cavity cold runner system will cause a lot of waste of raw materials, which makes the profit space molding is seriously damaged. The advantage of cold passage is easy to use, also can satisfy certain beautiful demand very well.

May 26, 0 comments. Plastic parts in equipment are being used more than ever, from the automotive industry to the medical field, and even in construction. Generally, these parts are made using an injection molding process—one of the fastest and most accurate ways to manufacture plastic component. Two different types of molding systems can be used in the injection molding process —cold runner molds and hot runner molds. Each injection molding method works when a plastic material flows from the spruce into the runner system, and then through a gate into the mold cavity. So, when considering cold vs. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages.

Injection Molds: Hot Runner vs. Cold Runner Molds

A hot runner system is an assembly of heated components used in plastic injection molds that inject molten plastic into the cavities of the mold. The cavities are the part of the mold shaped like the parts to be produced. By contrast, a cold runner is simply a channel formed between the two halves of the mold, for the purpose of carrying plastic from the injection molding machine nozzle to the cavities. Each time the mold opens to eject the newly formed plastic parts, the material in the runner is ejected as well, resulting in waste. A hot runner system usually includes a heated manifold and a number of heated nozzles.

Two plates make up a hot runner mold. These plates are heated through the use of a manifold system. Both externally and internally heated hot runners are available for use. For materials that are particularly sensitive to heat, externally heated molds are preferred. When enhanced flow control is desired, internally heated molds are the better option.

What is the Difference between Hot Runner and Cold Runner Injection Molding?

The primary difference is that hot runners are heated while cold runners are not. While hot runners are not required for injection molding processes, they can be useful to ensure a higher quality part. They are particularly beneficial with challenging part geometries that require lower margin of error in the flow properties of the molten plastic i. Further, hot runners can be beneficial in reducing wasted plastic during high volume shoots.

The plastic fills the runners leading to the cavity. However, the regrinding process is expensive in itself, as well as noisy and dirty. In most applications, the proportions of new to reground materials are strictly controlled, which can lead to a build-up of unusable material. Hot runner systems also produce less wear and tear on the equipment, helping to increase uptime and reduce maintenance costs.

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Plastic moulds, categorized into two primary types cold runner and hot runner are the beginning of each plastic piece you see. If you have zero knowledge about these two types, your plastic injection molder should be able to give you information that will allow you to understand cold runner moulds and hot runner moulds and even know their benefits and costs. However, it is still bested if you make your own research first so you can have your own view before talking to the molder and before coming up with a decision about which is suitable for your project:. These have two to three plates, which are clutched in the mold base. Using sprue, the plastic is injected into the cold runner mould, going to the parts in the cavity. The parts and the runner system are joined in the two plate moulds. An ejection method is utilized to make the pair from the mould part.

Since the mid 19 th century, manufacturers in the U. Today, the injection molding process has blossomed into one of the most versatile and dependable manufacturing processes available. Advances in the types of resins and polymers, innovative processes, and new injection molding machines, with increasingly tighter tolerances and repeatability, have widened the appeal of injection molding. The injection molding process has become one of the best manufacturing processes because of this. Virtually every industry imaginable including construction, electronics, aerospace, automotive, medical, food and beverage and more realize the potential for gaining a competitive advantage. Not only is injection molding a highly effective process to manufacture accurate plastic parts and components, but it also reduces production time, has a high degree of accuracy, and reduces material waste. At the end of the production process, users can have plastic parts as strong as steel or very soft and flexible.

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