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The study explores different dimensions of occupational health and safety management systems, workplace accidents, and occupational injuries. The study adopted a cross-sectional survey design. A total of respondents through a convenience and purposive sampling technique were selected in three government-owned oil and gas organizations for the study.

Improving Construction Health and Safety in Developing Countries (Ghana)

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Ghana - 2015

Women's occupational health and safety in the informal economy: Maternal market traders in Accra, Ghana. In Ghana, an open-air market is an integral place of work for women. The economic contributions of market women are what drives the consumer economy of Ghana. And yet, work conditions for market women are poor and appalling. A majority of markets are situated within or near slums and so these markets exhibit similar environmental characteristics as slums. The unhealthy market conditions threaten the health and wellbeing of the market women. This research investigates the occupational health challenges of maternal market traders in Accra.

This dissertation is dedicated to my father, without whose caring support, would not have been possible and also to the Ghanaian construction industry. This dissertation would have not been possible without the contribution, advice and support from a group of people. My thanks are due in three quarters;. To the almighty God for the good health and wellbeing that was necessary to complete this research project. To my supervisor Dr.

Ghana - 2015

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Occupational health and safety OHS is a broad field of professional practice, which involves specialists from different disciplines including but not limited to engineers, occupational health physicians, physical and biological scientists, economists, and statisticians. The preventive systems required to ensure workers are protected from injuries and illnesses dwell heavily on engineers; however, the extent to which the engineer can go regarding planning and implementing preventive measures is dependent on specific legal requirements, leadership commitment from the company, organization, and nation. The objective of this paper is to identify the areas of opportunities for improvements in OHS management in Ghana with regard to the nation's legal requirements, commitment of the Ghana government, and Ghanaian leadership as well as appropriate structuring of Ghanaian institutions responsible for monitoring and managing OHS in Ghana.

Metrics details. Psychiatric hospitals need safe working environments to promote productivity at the workplace. This paper sought to explore the experiences of frontline nursing personnel on the occupational health and safety conditions in two psychiatric hospitals in Ghana.

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Occupational safety and health is human right and decent work eventually is safe work (WHO, Legislative Provisions on Occupational Health and Safety in Ghana thefloatingschoolid.org​pdf.

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