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Domain role: All servers in the cluster must be in the same Active Directory domain, all clustered servers should have the same domain role.

Windows Server 2012 Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

Have you ready to grab a job in hardware field? There have esteem opportunities to find out and create a bright future. Just look on wisdom jobs that offering a plenty of placements and showing vacancies for freshers and experienced ones. Hyper-V jobs are looking for more efficiency and talented persons to fill up the placements. This hardware field is for capable of creating and running virtual machines through either the optionally installed Hyper-V role.

If you need more details visit Hyper-V jobs interview questions and answers page to attain the more information. Go on for an interview with your skills to achieve your goal in the hardware world. Question 1. What Is Virtualization? Answer : Virtualization is the creation of a virtual rather than actual version of something, such as an operating system, a server, a storage device or network resources. You probably know a little about virtualization if you have ever divided your hard drive into different partitions.

A partition is the logical division of a hard disk drive to create, in effect, two separate hard drives. Operating system virtualization is the use of software to allow a piece of hardware to run multiple operating system images at the same time. The technology got its start on mainframes decades ago, allowing administrators to avoid wasting expensive processing power.

In , virtualization software was adopted faster than anyone imagined, including the experts. There are three areas of IT where virtualization is making heabroads, network virtualization, storage virtualization and server virtualization.

Question 2. Answer : There are some well accepted and inherit benefits to using Virtualization. Question 3. What Is A Hypervisor? Answer : You can think of a Hypervisor as the kernel or the core of a virtualization platform. The Hypervisor is also called the Virtual Machine Monitor. The Hypervisor has access to the physical host hardware. A Type 1 Hypervisor runs on the bare metal of the hardware.

A Type 2 Hypervisor is hosted by an operating system. Question 4. What Is Esx Server? Its centralized management platform is called Virtual Center. Answer : Codenamed "Viridian" but given the the formal name of Hyper-V, it is a hypervisor-based Windows Server virtualization platform that is included as a role of Windows Server Hyper-V enables you to consolidate workloads onto a single physical server using a broad range of services ranging from resource-intensive services like Microsoft SQL Server to third-party applications that may run on previous versions of Windows or Linux.

Question 6. If you are using a Type-2 Hypervisor like VMware Server or Virtual Server, the host operating system is whatever operating system those applications are installed into.

A guest system guest operating system is a virtual guest or virtual machine VM that is installed under the host operating system. The guests are the VMs that you run in your virtualization platform. Question 7. Question 8.

Question 9. You will obtain must better performance from ESX Server as it has much less overhead. VMware Server is an excellent option to choose to slowly migrate to server consolidation at a low cost.

VMware Server is also an excellent way to learn about virtualization as well as a way to run multiple operating systems on your desktop PC, at no cost.

Question Hyper-V is a type-1 hypervisor where Virtual Server is a type 2 hypervisor. Virtual Server requires that you first host a Windows operating system to load it. Hyper-V is meant to be a higher performance commercial virtualization platform with a centralized management platform and 3rd party add-ons.

Virtual Server, on the other hand, is a free virtualization platform meant for the desktop or for small-scale server virtualization solutions. Answer : Emulation is where software is used to simulate hardware for a guest operating system to run in. This has been used in the past but is difficult to do and offers low performance. Native virtualization or full virtualization is where a type-2 hypervisor is used to partially allow access to the hardware and partially to simulate hardware in order to allow you to load a full operating system.

Paravirtualization is where the guest operating systems run on the hypervisor, allowing for higher performance and efficiency. Answer : Server Virtualization: consolidating multiple physical servers into virtual servers that run on a single physical server.

Application Virtualization — an application runs on another host from where it is installed in a variety of ways. Microsoft Softgrid is an example of Application virtualization. With presentation virtualization, an application actually runs on another host and all that you see on the client is the screen from where it is run.

Components of a virtual network could include NICs, switches, VLANs, network storage devices, virtual network containers, and network media. What Is Virtual Machine Technology? Answer : Virtual machine technology applies to both server and client hardware. Virtual machine technology enables multiple operating systems to run concurrently on a single machine.

In particular, Hyper-V, a key feature of Windows Server R2, enables one or more operating systems to run simultaneously on the same physical system.

Answer : Virtual machine technology serves a variety of purposes. It enables hardware consolidation, because multiple operating systems can run on one computer. Key applications for virtual machine technology include cross-platform integration as well as the following:. Answer : Our goal is to help customers make their IT systems more self-managing and dynamic so that they can gain more control of their IT systems, and enable their businesses to respond faster and stay ahead of the competition.

We're doing this by:. We are making broad investments—in the areas of the platform, management, applications, interoperability, and licensing, and working to enable customers to take advantage of their existing platform investments, utilize their existing support skills and infrastructure, and to reduce costs associated with implementing virtualized environments. Answer : Hyper-V provides customers an ideal platform for key virtualization scenarios, such as production server consolidation, business continuity management, software test and development, and development of a dynamic datacenter.

Hyper-V provides key functionality, which an ideal virtualization platform should provide scalability, high performance, reliability, security, flexibility, and manageability. It provides scalability and high performance by supporting features like guest multi-processing support and bit guest and host support; reliability and security through its hypervisor architecture; flexibility and manageability by supporting features like quick migration of virtual machines from one physical host to another, and integration with System Center Virtual Machine Manager.

Answer : Yes, Microsoft provides integration components and technical support for customers running select Linux distributions as guest operating systems within Hyper-V. Please check the Supported Guest Operating Systems page for more information and updates. Answer : Some of the capabilities of Hyper-V include x64 host and guest support, ability to run guest machines in a multi-processor environment, large memory allocation per virtual machine, integrated virtual switch support, and ability to migrate virtual machines across hosts with minimal downtime.

With the R2 release of Hyper-V, Live Migration, new processor support, and dynamic virtual machine capabilities were added. Answer : Customers who invest in the. Answer : Yes, the Microsoft Assessment and Planning MAP Toolkit helps you plan for Hyper-V migration by determining which of your physical servers are underutilized and, therefore, good candidates for server virtualization.

From the Hyper-V Manager users can easily create and configure virtual machines. For more information on support, please refer to the Windows Server R2 Support page. Answer : We are not publishing performance numbers currently. Based on independent reports and benchmarks from partners like QLogic, we believe that we have a competitive virtualization offering. Answer : Microsoft Virtual Server R2 is the current server virtualization solution from Microsoft and is based on a hosted virtualization platform.

Hyper-V, a key feature of Windows Server R2, is a hypervisor-based virtualization platform that will enable customers to not only consolidate a vast array of workloads but also enable moving toward a dynamic IT environment. Core feature set differences include support for 64 guest virtual machines, SMP support, performance improvements, and other key features in Hyper-V. In addition, it's good to understand the licensing terms offered by independent software vendors ISVs for any software provided by those vendors.

For more information on licensing considerations in these cases, you should consult with your ISV. Answer : No. While you may receive benefit from moving the applications from physical hardware to virtual machines, running applications in a virtual environment does not extend their support life cycles.

For more information about the support life-cycle timeframes. Answer : In addition to the systems requirement for Windows Server R2, the two key requirements for the Hyper-V platform are the need to ensure that the server is a bit environment and supports hardware-assisted virtualization Intel VT or AMD-V technology. Answer : The number of virtual machines running per host depends on many factors, including physical memory, processor, and workload running in the guest.

With Hyper-V, you define the amount of memory available to a virtual machine, and that memory allocation can be altered to reflect the needs of the virtual machine. Does Hyper-v Support bit Processors? For the virtual machines, Hyper-V supports both bit and bit systems as guest OSes. Answer : Hyper-V supports both uniprocessor and multiprocessor configurations in the virtual machine environment. Answer : In addition to the system requirements for Windows Server R2 as described in the release notes, a bit system with hardware-assisted virtualization enabled and data execution prevention DEP is required.

It is also recommended to ensure that you have a clean install of x64 edition of Windows Server R2 to be able to use the Hyper-V technology. Popular Interview Questions. All Interview Questions. Hyper-v Practice Test.

IT Skills. Management Skills. Communication Skills.

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Windows Articles. Active Directory FAQ's. SQL Interview Questions. Network Interview Questions. Basically, a window is a series of OS Operating Systems developed, marketed,. Remote Access is a network service in Windows Server that combines the Direct Access feature administrator interview questions and answers windows system admin interview questions and answers windows system admin interview questions and answers pdf windows system administrator interview. M Pavan Kumar.

300+ TOP Windows Server Administration Interview Questions and Answers

NTFS is the current file system used by Windows. It offers features like security permissions to limit other users' access to folders , quotas so one user can't fill up the disk , shadowing backing up and many other features that help Windows. VOIP - Short for Voice Over Internet Protocol, a category of hardware and software that enables people to use the Internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls by sending voice data in packets using IP rather than by traditional circuit transmissions. Loopback address is A proxy server is a computer that acts as a gateway between a local network e.

Replication is a process in active directory which keeps domain controller syncs with other DC over the network. Domain Controller is used in windows based operating systems for security authentication of users, computers etc. It is a central database for storing users account information and security enforcement.

These 15 solved MS Virtual Server questions will help you prepare for technical interviews and online selection tests conducted during campus placement for freshers and job interviews for professionals. After reading these tricky MS Virtual Server questions , you can easily attempt the objective type and multiple choice type questions on this topic. How Microsoft virtual server manages the virtualization platform?

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Ans- A server is a computer that provides services to other computers. Active Directory Certificate Services 2. Active Directory Domain Services 3. Active Directory Federation Services 4. Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services 5.

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