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Legal Issues on Climate Change and International Trade Law

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The Impact of Climate Change: Challenges for International Law

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International Law and the Protection of “Climate Refugees”

Don't have an account? The impacts of climate change challenge traditional notions in international law, most notably those relating to the principle of territorial sovereignty, with its presumption of defined territory and fixed maritime boundaries, and State responsibility with its presumption of liability and an obligation to make reparation. Furthermore, efforts to curb climate change have given rise — sometimes in conjunction with developments in other environmental regimes — to the evolution of some new principles and concepts of international law, including the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities, the notion of common concern of humankind, protection of vulnerable countries, and so-called flexibility mechanisms for industrial countries to implement their commitments under the Climate Change Convention. This chapter addresses a number of those challenges to international law. First, it reviews the principal international legal instruments adopted in response to climate change.

Climate change presents one of the greatest challenges of our time, and has become one of the defining issues of the twenty-first century. The radical changes which both developed and developing countries will need to make, in economic and in legal terms, to respond to climate change are unprecedented. International law, including treaty regimes, institutions, and customary international law, needs to address the myriad challenges and consequences of climate change, including variations in the weather patterns, sea level rise, and the resulting migration of peoples.

About State Responsibility, Climate Change and Human Rights under International Law

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Is the climate-security century upon us? If so, what are the implications for international legal governance and institutions? In his recent Opinio Juris essay, based on his provocative and meticulously researched article, Atmospheric Intervention , Professor Martin argues that the climate change crisis may well exert pressure for change on the governing jus ad bellum regime. I am persuaded by Prof. While his focus was on the jus ad bellum regime, he briefly discusses the role of the UN Security Council and other institutional structures. My own work has focused on how the crisis will implicate the international institutions and governance structures that oversee the entire collective security system, particularly the UN Security Council.

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State Responsibility, Climate Change and Human Rights under International Law
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