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The Freight Forwarder and the Clearing Agent are important role players in the freight logistics pipeline. Here is a brief overview of their roles and how to get the best value from them. The clearing agent acts on behalf of the shipper importer or exporter depending on the INCO Terms and arranges for the customs clearances of the imported goods.

In this Freight Forwarding online course learn about the role of the Freight Forwarder in the airfreight environment, the structure of the surface freight environment, the administration of forwarding and clearing, basic invoicing and accounting, the Customs and Excise Act. The price of this course is R incl.

If your business is anticipating shipping a large number of goods from one point to another, you need to think about how your shipping line will work. The logistics of your shipping service is an essential asset in your business. Two key entities in your supply line are freight forwarders and clearing agents.

Role of Clearing and Forwarding Agents in Air Cargo

Fret no more as you have now reached the concluding part of this five part blog series. Are you ready for the concluding part of this series? Read on for the clearing and forwarding procedure. Now that your cargo has arrived at the airport of destination, it has to undergo proper documentation before it can be released. This requires the following documents:. These documents from the handling agent will now be picked-up by a receiving freight forwarder, either personally or through a third-party agent, upon the arrival of goods at the landside.

duties and responsibilities of clearing and forwarding agent

Though typically a more expensive means of transport than by sea , air freight is quick and ideal for moving goods that are time sensitive and have tight delivery schedules. A freight forwarder will oversee this entire process, negotiating rates, coordinating transport and assisting with the necessary customs formalities. They will ensure that goods are accompanied with the right paperwork and that they are customs cleared and ready to be delivered to the chosen destination. Every time the shipment changes hands from you to forwarder, forwarder to customs, customs to air transport, etc. A mistake at any point can have your shipment held until corrections are processed. A good forwarder will ensure that paperwork is checked and that customs declarations are made promptly and accurately.

Cargo clearing and forwarding procedure (Part 5 of 5)

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Clearing and Forwarding agents

Role of Clearing and Forwarding Agents:. Export-import procedures are very complex and time-consuming. Triangular export.

Freight Forwarder and Clearing Agent

There are several entities involved in the successful transportation of a shipment.. However big or small a shipment is, two entities stand out due to the importance of their roles in a shipment.. These entities are a Freight Forwarder and a Clearing Agent.. It is very important to understand the functions of a freight forwarder and a clearing agent and their role in a shipment as this is often confused..

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Differences Between Freight Forwarders and Clearing Agents

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