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Scientific Method

The problem of induction is the philosophical question of what are the justifications , if any, for any growth of knowledge understood in the classic philosophical sense —knowledge that goes beyond a mere collection of observations [1] —highlighting the apparent lack of justification in particular for:. The traditional inductivist view is that all claimed empirical laws, either in everyday life or through the scientific method , can be justified through some form of reasoning. The problem is that many philosophers tried to find such a justification but their proposals were not accepted by others. Identifying the inductivist view as the scientific view, C. Broad once said that "induction is the glory of science and the scandal of philosophy". In contrast, Karl Popper 's critical rationalism claimed that inductive justifications are never used in science and proposed instead that science is based on the procedure of conjecturing hypotheses , deductively calculating consequences, and then empirically attempting to falsify them. In inductive reasoning , one makes a series of observations and infers a new claim based on them.

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This volume is a result of that effort. The concept of falsification, the problem of demarcation, the ban on induction, or the role of the empirical basis, along with the provocative parallels between historicism, holism and totalitarianism, have always caused controversies. The aim of this volume is not to smooth them but show them as a challenge. Popper believed that the open society was vulnerable, due precisely to its tolerance of otherness. This is a matter of great urgency in the modern world, as cultures based on different values gain prominence. The processes related to the extending of the EU, or the increasing economic globalization also raise questions about openness and democracy. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents.

Many factors have frozen the public policy debate on climate change, but none more important than the disinterest of both sides in tests that might provide better evidence — and perhaps restart the discussion. Even worse, too little thought has been given to the criteria for validating climate science theories aka their paradigm and the models build upon them. This series looks at the answers to these questions given us by generations of philosophers and scientists, which we have ignored. The clock is running for actions that might break the deadlock. Eventually the weather will give us the answers, perhaps at ruinous cost. Climate scientists publish little about about the nature of climate science theories.

Unended Quest: An Intellectual Autobiography

Science is an enormously successful human enterprise. The study of scientific method is the attempt to discern the activities by which that success is achieved. Among the activities often identified as characteristic of science are systematic observation and experimentation, inductive and deductive reasoning, and the formation and testing of hypotheses and theories. How these are carried out in detail can vary greatly, but characteristics like these have been looked to as a way of demarcating scientific activity from non-science, where only enterprises which employ some canonical form of scientific method or methods should be considered science see also the entry on science and pseudo-science. On the other hand, more recent debate has questioned whether there is anything like a fixed toolkit of methods which is common across science and only science.

Evolutionary Epistemology

Pseudoscience consists of statements, beliefs , or practices that claim to be both scientific and factual but are incompatible with the scientific method.


Evolutionary Epistemology EE is a naturalistic approach to epistemology and so is part of philosophy of science. Other naturalistic approaches include sociological, historical and anthropological explanations of knowledge. What makes EE specific is that it subscribes to the idea that cognition is to be understood primarily as a product of biological evolution. What does this mean exactly? Biological evolution is regarded as the precondition of the variety of cognitive, cultural, and social behavior that an organism, group or species can portray.

It is a theory of how to create scientific knowledge. Presently, there is widespread agreement on how to do science, namely conjectures, ideally in the form of a mathematical model, and refutations, testing the model using empirical evidence. Expanding philosophy of science so that it more successfully encompasses social systems would create new avenues of inquiry. Two dimensions could be added to philosophy of science: the amount of attention paid to the observer and the amount of impact of a theory on the system described.

Karl R. Popper Manufactured in the United States of America 1 Science: Conjectures and Refutations their own creators, as happened with Newton.

Insights from Karl Popper: how to open the deadlocked climate debate

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Listeners interpret prophetic teachings, consciously or unconsciously, in terms of their metaphysical assumptions. For western Gentile converts to Christianity, this meant in terms of Platonic and Aristotelean philosophies. The advent of the empiricism with the Enlightenment led to less emphasis placed on intuitive thought and more on sensory experience, not unlike the older Hebrew approach.

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Karl Popper and Religious Knowledge

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