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Culture is a way of life. The food you eat, the clothes you wear, the language you speak in and the God you worship all are aspects of culture. It refers to a human made environment which includes all the material and non-material products of group life that are transmitted from one generation to the next.

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Click Here. Indeed, these books are helpful for starting with the civil services, as these provide the aspirant with easy to understand language and graphic illustrations. Since these books are generally compiled for the school students, the level of complexity is kept to a minimal level. Thus, a mature person, preparing for the IAS exam, is able to comprehend the ideas and facts given in the books. The main aim, with which these books are recommended to the civil services aspirants, is to gain a comprehensive idea about he various issues and concepts, that form the foundation of the various disciplines. Since the content of these books provide a bird's eye view of the various concepts, one must not rely on these books entirely.

NIOS Indian Culture and Heritage PDF

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Trend Analysis of Art and Culture. Due to this, many times students are not able to identify the areas to be prepared and end up losing marks in the examination. It encompasses cultural aspects from ancient, medieval to modern times. Broad topics which are covered in Art and Culture are as follows:.

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