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Globalisation is a complex and controversial issue. This is a look at some of the main benefits and costs associated with the greater globalisation of the world economy. Definition of Globalisation The process of increased integration and co-operation of different national economies. It involves national economies becoming increasingly inter-related and integrated.

GLOBALIZATION -Advantages and Disadvantages

Globalisation is a complex and controversial issue. This is a look at some of the main benefits and costs associated with the greater globalisation of the world economy. Definition of Globalisation The process of increased integration and co-operation of different national economies.

It involves national economies becoming increasingly inter-related and integrated. Free trade is a way for countries to exchange goods and resources. This means countries can specialise in producing goods where they have a comparative advantage this means they can produce goods at a lower opportunity cost. When countries specialise there will be several gains from trade:. See: Benefits of Free Trade. Increased labour migration gives advantages to both workers and recipient countries.

If a country experiences high unemployment, there are increased opportunities to look for work elsewhere. This process of labour migration also helps reduce geographical inequality.

This has been quite effective in the EU, with many Eastern European workers migrating west. Also, it helps countries with labour shortages fill important posts.

For example, the UK needed to recruit nurses from the far east to fill shortages. See also: free movement of labour. Production is increasingly specialised. Globalisation enables goods to be produced in different parts of the world. This greater specialisation enables lower average costs and lower prices for consumers. Domestic monopolies used to be protected by a lack of competition.

However, globalisation means that firms face greater competition from foreign firms. Globalisation has also enabled increased levels of investment. It has made it easier for countries to attract short-term and long-term investment. Investment by multinational companies can play a big role in improving the economies of developing countries.

Developing countries often struggle to compete with developed countries, therefore it is argued free trade benefits developed countries more. There is an infant industry argument which says industries in developing countries need protection from free trade to be able to develop. However, developing countries are often harmed by tariff protection, that western economies have on agriculture.

Paradox of Free Trade. One problem of globalisation is that it has increased the use of non-renewable resources. It has also contributed to increased pollution and global warming.

Firms can also outsource production to where environmental standards are less strict. However, arguably the problem is not so much globalisation as a failure to set satisfactory environmental standards. Globalisation enables workers to move more freely.

Therefore, some countries find it difficult to hold onto their best-skilled workers, who are attracted by higher wages elsewhere. Globalisation has led to increased economic and cultural hegemony. With globalisation there is arguably less cultural diversity; however, it is also led to more options for some people.

Multinational companies like Amazon and Google, can set up offices in countries like Bermuda and Luxembourg with very low rates of corporation tax and then funnel their profits through these subsidiaries. This means they pay very little tax in the countries where they do most of their business.

This means governments have to increase taxes on VAT and income tax. The greater mobility of capital means that countries have sought to encourage inward investment by offering the lowest corporation tax. Ireland offers very low tax rate. This has encouraged lower corporation tax, which leads to higher forms of other tax.

Economists will reel off the benefits of trade between countries, capital flow and labour flow. Anthropologists and social scientists will explain a lot of inequalities — the rich on a global scale have got richer and the poor, well guess what?

Social science will detail Stiglitz does too how developed countries have profited off the poor, even via aid agencies and finance institutions such as the World Bank, IMF and WTO, who are supposed to be acting in developing countries best interests. Hello, I am wondering if there are any disadvantages to consumer because of globalization.

I would be grateful. Imagine thinking you are qualified to help people learn about globalization but not even knowing how to spell it. How is less cultural diversity a cost of globalisation.

This free flow of people, goods, art, and information is the reason you can have Thai food delivered to your apartment as you listen to your favorite UK-based artist or stream a Hollywood movie. Globalisation has involved : Greater free trade. Greater movement of labour. Increased capital flows. The growth of multi-national companies. Increased integration of global trade cycle. Increased communication and improved transport, effectively reducing barriers between countries. Are those the only advantages of globalization on an economy?

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the advantages and disadvantages of globalization

Your shirt was made in Mexico and your shoes in China. Your CD player comes from Japan. Today goods are made and sold all over the world, thanks to globalization. Globalization lets countries move closer to each other. People, companies and organizations in different countries can live and work together.

Instant communication with people is easier today than ever. The consequences of this rapid globalization are subject to interpretation. People, in general, tend to be biased about the net results of globalization. World leaders, however, have taken tangible steps towards encouraging a peaceful globalization. Foreign insurers often have superior claims paying ability, which help to enhance the financial condition of individuals, households and However, the overall, benefits developing markets stand to gain from opening up their insurance markets to foreign participation should more than offset any negative considerations.

Worldwide specialists in economics, politics, and sociology have analyzed in thousands of pages the phenomenon of globalization, its forms, evolution, impact and.

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Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. Globalization is a widely discussed topic and is hard to explain using simple terms. Therefore it needs a deeper and broader understanding about the topic.

Benefits of globalisation

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An economist explains the pros and cons of globalization

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