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exercise simple present and present continuous pdf

Read the sentence given below. It is also called the Past Progressive. Ann was playing inside the house. I was studying. Answer all questions to receive your score when you finish. Past Continuous Passive structure.

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June 21, What was Anu feeling the whole day? Complete the sentences. What are Compound Modifiers in English. The past continuous tense is used:When talking about TWO actions in the past; one continues for a period, and the other starts and ends past simple.

Back Next. Free English online grammar exercise on the use of past tense simple and progressive, past tense continuous. As I was walking in the streets of Holland, I met an old friend of mine. Underline the subject and the verb -ing in these statements: 1 … Past Continuous is used to describe action that were in progress still happening - not finished at a certain time in the past.

The baby was sleeping when the telephone rang. Past simple and past continuous worksheets and online activities. Log in or register to post comments; Comments. English tenses PDF exercises. A comparison … Where was she? June 28, Past continuous and hypotheses. Hello, I am a future English teacher who came to check these exercises to have, more or less, an idea of how to prepare an activity with a past continuous, since that is the topic that my students will see, and I resolved it, and there is specifically an exercise number 5 that tells me that I did it wrong when it clearly is not so because the answer I put is the one that later tells me that I should have put it.

The Past Continuous is used when we talk about something which was happening at a special time in the past. We use the past progressive to talk about actions were in progress at special time in the past. See these pages: Past tense; Verbs in time clauses and conditionals; Wishes and hypotheses ; LearnEnglish Subscription: self-access courses for professionals. The emphasis is on the process. You do not love her. Use the past continuous form of the verbs given in the brackets and fill in the blanks.

This paper. Past Continuous Passive is used to talk about actions that were ongoing at a particular moment in the past. The past continuous tense is used to talk about actions or events that were in progress around a particular past time. English grammar easy to learn. The students were being taught grammar all day long.

July 15, We were playing volleyball with Mary when you called me. New books have been ordered. English Comparison of tenses exercises. Ejercicios y actividades online de Past continuous. Before giving this worksheet to your students, review and discuss when we use the Past Continuous in English - the 'be': 1 When we talk about specific times such as "three o'clock; 2 To emphasize that an one action which took a certain length of time happened when another, briefer action occured; for example: "I was sleeping when the telephone rang ; 3 To describe a situation when two actions … Exercises with Past Continuous.

Tom is working. June 20, Presentation Read the picture story. Forming Present Progressive Passive. Present perfect passive.

To remember the structure of … She wanted to be outside. Online exercises English grammar and courses Free tutorial Comparison of tenses. Past continuous sentence starters PDF Online exercises Comparison of tenses, Comparison of tenses questions and Comparison of tenses negative sentences. Zeljko Zeravica. What was happening? Hope it helps. Past Continuous.

Present simple ; Present continuous; Present simple vs continuous; Past simple; Past continuous; Past simple vs continuous; Future … 6. Susan was listen ing to the radio yesterday evening.

The children were playing. Fill in the blanks with appropriate past continuous form of the verb given in the brackets. Using Past Continuous, read the questions below and select the correct answer: 1. Past Simple and Past ContinuousThe past simple is used:For an action that started and ended in the past.

We can also use the past continuous to refer to the present or future in hypotheses when we imagine something. Tom was working. When do we use the Past Continuous? When Jack arrived to the workshop his car was still being repaired. When the teacher came in, they were studying English.

Which verb forms are used with Past Continuous? Underline the subject and the verb -ing in these statements: 1- children were playing by 9 p. The Past Continuous Tense 1. She wasn't playing outside because it was raining. Peter was reading a book yesterday evening. A summary and exercises on Past Continuous Tense. This is a past continuous complete-the-sentence or sentence starter exercise to help students practice communicating about past events with their own ideas.

Fluent speakers of English know when and how to use past simple and past continuous to talk about actions from the past. The children are playing. Four Skills. We use was and were as Helping verb. The dancers were being watched by a jury of experts. For a repeated action in the past. I am studying. Fichas interactivas gratuitas para practicar online o descargar como pdf para imprimir. Quickly and comfortably. At … Free materials and resources for learners of English.

Created by: … Four Skills. Comparison of tenses simple past and past continuous with free online exercises, passive rules and passive voice examples. Past Tense Simple is used to describe actions that happened in the Past.

I was looking for my purse when I dropped my credit card. She was listening to the radio.

Past simple and continuous exercises PDF

Present simple and continuous : exercise 2 - affirmative ESL worksheets on exercise 2 Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets. Example: Mary.. Link to this page:. English , Mixed english tenses , Mixed , Tenses. Five years from now, companies will have most customers on the Internet.

Put the verbs into the correct tense (present simple OR present continuous). The train always. (1: leave) on time. "What's the matter? Why. (2.

Present progressive

PDF book 1: English tenses exercises. PDF book 2: English grammar exercises. PDF book 3: English grammar rules. Read more about English grammar books PDF on e-grammar.

A short multiple choice exercise about present simple, present continuous, past simple and past continuous. Main content: Present simple and present continuous Other contents: reading and writting Add to my workbooks Embed in my website or blog Add to Google Classroom Add to Microsoft Teams Share through Whatsapp endobj She speak four languages very well. Present continuous. Present Continuous or Present Simple? Answers 1.

What do you want to do? Check my answers Email my answers to my teacher. Please allow access to the microphone Look at the top of your web browser. If you see a message asking for permission to access the microphone, please allow. Advanced search.

past simple vs past continuous vs present perfect exercises pdf

Read the sentence given below. It is also called the Past Progressive. Ann was playing inside the house. I was studying. Answer all questions to receive your score when you finish.

Description: Download past simple or past continuous exercises in PDF. Exercises can be done online as well. Practice as much as you need with our exercises. I recommend you to do these exercises online in our site. All our exercises contain self-correction and you can check you answers. It would be great if you have a look to our past simple or past continuous explanation.

Every Monday, Sally drive True or False. Hope you can use it with your students. Download full-size image from Pinterest.

A collection of English ESL Past simple vs continuous tense worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and English classes to teach about Aldrich Freckle Face Some exercises to practise these two tenses. What are we having for dinner tonight? Students begin by reading situations and categorizing them based on whether the past simple or past continuous is used. Free English online grammar exercise on the use of past tense simple and progressive, past tense continuous.

Index of contents Present continuous - level 1 Lower intermediate Intermediate exercises Advanced exercises Home. Worksheets - handouts. Video: describing activities.

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  3. Danielle C. Present Simple or Present Continuous? Exercise 2. Make the present simple or present continuous: 1. You (not / like).

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    Present Perfect Simple or Past Simple some sentences might require Continuous form, but this time, please, form only Simple tenses: 1 We sing a song on Monday.

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