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Employee Selection is the process of putting right men on right job. It is a procedure of matching organizational requirements with the skills and qualifications of people.

Selection is the process of picking or choosing the right candidate, who is most suitable for a vacant job position in an organization. In others words, selection can also be explained as the process of interviewing the candidates and evaluating their qualities, which are required for a specific job and then choosing the suitable candidate for the position. The selection of a right applicant for a vacant position will be an asset to the organization, which will be helping the organization in reaching its objectives. Different authors define Selection in different ways.

Employee Testing and Selection PPt 6

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How to Create An Effective Employee Selection Process

Explain how you would go about validating a test. Cite and illustrate our testing guidelines. Give examples of some of the ethical and legal considerations in testing. List eight tests you could use for employee selection, and how you would use them. Explain the key points to remember in conducting background investigations.

5.4 Testing and Selecting

Getting the best candidates to apply for your job is only one step in hiring the right talent. You still need to go through the employee selection process. But what is the right process for your company? How can you ensure consistent results? Learn more about why implementing procedures from the very start can potentially create more favorable hiring outcomes.

Employment tests have become widely accepted in the selection process. The real value of the tests lies in eliminating those applicants who have very little chance of job success than in selecting applicants who will definitely be successful on the jobs. It is a systematic procedure for a sampling human behaviour. Learn about:- 1. Introduction to Employee Test 2.

Nikoletta Bika. Of course, you should use pre-employment screening with caution. A well-developed test can shed ample light on candidate fit and suitability.

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Employee Selection Process
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