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Most Western-driven theories do not have a place in Black communicative experience, especially in Africa. Many scholars interested in articulating and interrogating Black communication scholarship are therefore at the crossroads of either having to use Western-driven theory to explain a Black communication dynamic, or have to use hypothetical rules to achieve their objectives, since they cannot find compelling Black communication theories to use as reference. Colonization and the African slave trade brought with it assimilationist tendencies that have dealt a serious blow on the cognition of most Blacks on the continent and abroad.

Frances Cress Welsing was a third-generation physician specializing in general and child psychiatry. Her book, The Isis Papers : The Keys to the Colors, was the culmination of over 18 years of research and analysis based in part on the treatment of African-Americans in her private practice. The book is a collection of essays, analyzing racism and its delirious effects.

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing: Looking Back at Her Call to Uproot Racism

Frances Cress Welsing, a lauded author, researcher, and psychiatrist, has died, according to reports. She was In addition to being a world renowned author, Dr. Welsing was a practicing psychiatrist starting her career at Cook County Hospital as an intern, Support Keyamsha.

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The Cress Theory of Color Confrontation and Racism (White Supremacy) (A Psycho-Genetic Theory and World Outlook) [Weising, Frances Cress] on.

The Origin, Ramifications and Rectification of Racism (White Supremacy) *Revised*

It is grounded in African culture and Afrocentrism and focuses on the experiences, struggles, needs, and desires of Africana women of the African diaspora. It distinguishes itself from feminism , or Alice Walker 's womanism. Africana womanism pays more attention to and focuses more on the realities and the injustices in society in regard to race. Hudson-Weems sought to create an ideology specific to African women and women of African descent. Hudson-Weems believes that the creation of the ideology separates African women's accomplishments from African male scholars, feminism , and Black feminism.

Contemporary uses of White Supremacy Racism to maintain its self Page s It's also my position that the above three institutions are interrelated and beneficial to each other. In my many journeys thorough world of intellectualism, I have come across many definitions of the above words, and ideas. I have also come across various justification and reasoning's behind them. I've come to the conclusion that the modern definition of the terms don't do justice to the reality in which we live.

This reader focuses on the extremely current, important topic of racial and ethnic experiences in the United States today. Most of the essays were commissioned especially for this reader and have been prepared by some of the brightest voices in this cutting edge field. Instructors in search of a current, comprehensive multicultural reader will find this a valuable student resource whether it is the sole focus of their course or to be integrated into another content area. In the complex crosscurrents of the post-civil rights era, what is racism?

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