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Cross-origin resource sharing CORS is a mechanism that allows many resources e. The actual request can then be submitted.

Operational Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Interview Questions & Answers:

It is a Standard response code given by web server on Internet. It helps to identify the cause of problem when web page or other resource does not load properly. HTTP headers fields allow the client and server to pass information with the request and response message. It can represent a piece of an url. In idempotent methods, for the multiple requests, we get exact same result. It would no matter if the request is called one or ten times, the result should be same.

HTTP Interview Questions & Answers

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1) What is HTTP? HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. 2) What are HTTP Request Messages? 3) What are HTTP Request Methods? 4) What is the Status Code? 5) What are Persistent Connections? 6) What is Session State in HTTP? 7) What is HTTP Message? 8) What is HTTP cURL?

Top 20 RESTful Web Services Interview Question and Answers

It should not contain a request body as it will be discarded. Maybe it can be cached locally or on the server. The web server at this point can decide what to do with the data in the context of specified resource PUT is idempotent meaning, invoking it any number of times will not have an impact on resources. However, POST is not idempotent, meaning if you invoke POST multiple times it keeps creating more resources 11 Mention which markup language can be used in restful web api?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP is a networking protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia information systems. Is This Answer Correct? HTTP session is a sequence of network request-response transactions. An HTTP client initiates a request. An HTTP server listening on that port waits for a client's request message.

RESTful Web services - Interview Questions

Web services, a very well known term when we talk about exchanging some sort of data between multiple applications or say software.

Describe the different roles of HTTP? In HTTP, there are two different roles: server and client. In general, the client always initiates the conversation; the server replies. HTTP is text based; that is, messages are essentially bits of text, although the message body can also contain other media. Text usage makes it easy to monitor an HTTP exchange.

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300+ TOP HTTP Interview Questions and Answers