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Studies on conflict and marital quality are important for clinical practice involving couples.

Mediation was tested with the construction of path models and significance levels were reached using bootstrapping. For both husbands and wives, cynical hostility was significantly associated with loneliness. Friendship factors did not serve as mediators for husbands. Husbands and wives who have higher levels of cynical hostility may be more vulnerable to loneliness. High levels of cynical hostility in women may be related to deficits in their quantity and quality of friendship, and thus be associated with loneliness.

Lonely Me, Lonely You: Loneliness and the Longitudinal Course of Relationship Satisfaction

The quality of marriage gain the attention of researchers for a long time. Various studies have been done, by placing the marital quality as an independent variable or dependent variable. Although research on marital quality has been done for a long time with a wide range of variables, conceptually, the results are not quite satisfactory. This article aimed to describe literature review on the concept of marital quality. The literature search results define quality of marriage as the level of excellence in marriage based on certain characteristics. These particular characteristics or criteria may vary from region to region.

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Lonely Me, Lonely You: Loneliness and the Longitudinal Course of Relationship Satisfaction

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Marital quality and loneliness in later life: A dyadic analysis of older married couples in Ireland Request Full-text Paper PDF. To read the.

Quality of marriages in later life and emotional and social loneliness.

Individuals feel lonely when they perceive a discrepancy between the amount of closeness and intimacy in social relationships they desire and what they actually experience. Across several studies, partner relationships have consistently been found to be the most powerful protective factor against loneliness. Previous research on this topic, however, has exclusively focused on loneliness as a concomitant or outcome of low relationship quality, but not as a predictor in its own right, which is surprising given the trait-like features of loneliness. Congruently low levels of loneliness between women and men as well as declines in loneliness of at least one partner were additionally associated with increases in relationship satisfaction over time.

Loneliness in the Era of COVID-19

A growing body of research has identified factors related to loneliness among older adults. Fewer have investigated predictors of loneliness within married couples. The study focuses on Mexico, a country experiencing rapid aging occurring alongside historically limited institutional support for older adults, and where traditional gender roles extend to marriage.

Dyadic perspectives on marital quality and loneliness in

Marriage protects against loneliness, but not all marriages are equally protective. While marriage is a highly interdependent relationship, loneliness in marital dyads has received very little research attention. Actor-partner interdependence models showed that positive and negative marital qualities synergistically predict couple loneliness. Spouses in aversive marriages are lonelier than their supportively married counterparts actor effect , and that marital aversion increases the loneliness of their partners partner effect. In addition, wives but not husbands in indifferent marriages are lonelier than their supportively married counterparts.

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Heejeong Choi, Jeremy B. Yorgason, David R.

From Loneliness to Belonging View all 5 Articles. COVID is proving to be a particularly cruel disease not just because of its pathophysiology but also due to its potentially devastating consequences for engendering loneliness. From the outset of the pandemic, we have learned of countless individuals having to die alone or loved ones not being able to grieve by providing burial services Miller,

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