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Experiential and Performative Anthropology in the Classroom

Since the birth of Odin Teatret, Eugenio Barba had in mind the quest into the techniques of the actor and their ongoing training to reach optimal levels of stage presence. As a result of such interest, the International School of Theatre Anthropology ISTA emerged in , giving rise to Theatre Anthropology as a new discipline for the study of the fundamentals of acting. The actor is presented as one of the vertebral elements of all stage representation, but, despite this centrality, when analysing the creative process and the interpretation techniques the actor has used throughout the years, we find methodological difficulties. Of all of them, we want to highlight how from the s, there was a shift of methodological approaches applied to theatre studies stemming from the introduction of a new paradigm: culture as performance as opposed to culture as text developed by semiotics Fischer-Lichte, This direction shift led to an interest in the analysis of artistic phenomena, ranging from socio-anthropological perspectives, where the scenic fact was not presented as a text with great thickness of meanings but as a dynamic reality or shared experience in continuous motion where the focus of interest was in its process, on how things work, more than in what they mean. The interest in the study methodologies related to the theories of culture resulted in new lines and disciplines of investigation of the scenic event such as Ethnoscenology, a discipline created by the psychologist Jean-Marie Pradier, the Performance Studies , stemming from the works of the anthropologist and stage director Richard Schechner, or the Theatre Anthropology, promoted by stage director Eugenio Barba. This study aims to be an approach to the research on the creative process of the actor and its pedagogical foundations that has been carried out for forty years by Theatre Anthropology within the framework of the International School of Theater Anthropology ISTA and the applications or connections that such analytical approach has promoted in other fields of scientific knowledge.

Watch fullscreen. Playing next Collection Book Between Theater and Anthropology. Makar Tsuyoshi. Guilhem Ervin

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Between Theater and Anthropology. "Restoration of Behavior". Philadelphia. University of Pennsylvania Press, * Notes on reading this text: -> is to be.

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Source, Source, American Anthropologist His genres range from ritual, theater, dance, and other performing arts to restored villages, tourist attractions, time machines, theme parks, and prime time television news. The key concept in the volume is performance and the thesis is that performative behavior is restored behavior, or twice-behaved behavior, meaning that the behavior has been behaved before. Schechners main contribution to anthropology is that he investigates the processes of production of performances and tells us how performances are constructed.

In performances by Euro-Americans, Afro-Americans, Native Americans, and Asians, Richard Schechner has examined carefully the details of performative behavior and has developed models of the performance process useful not only to persons in the arts but to anthropologists, play theorists, and others fascinated but perhaps terrified by the multichannel realities of the postmodern world. Schechner argues that in failing to see the structure of the whole theatrical process, anthropologists in particular have neglected close analogies between performance behavior and ritual. The way performances are createdin training, workshops, and rehearsalsis the key paradigm for social process.

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