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Our team measures the impact of Girl Scout programming and leads national conversations about girls and their development via groundbreaking original studies. As a refresh of our study Change It Up! The findings in this report—the first in a two-part series—focus on gender, politics, and civic engagement.

Girls' Attitudes Survey

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Women's Lives in Biblical Times

The cycle serves as a coming of age story for Del Jordan growing up first on the outskirts, and later in the centre, of the small, southern Ontario town of Jubilee. Del is portrayed as something of an outsider, unsatisfied with small town life though unwilling to acknowledge the similarities between herself and her mother who also seeks to expand her mind beyond the limited experiences of Jubilee. The cycle is often cited as concerning many feminist ideas and it is in this context that the text deals primarily with female characters, with only a few male figures playing important roles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Release date.

Every year we ask over 2, girls and young women to tell us how they feel about their everyday lives. This year has been like no other since we started the survey in We began our fieldwork before lockdown in early March and finished it in April, after schools closed due to Covid This means our data spans two different realities. Yet some themes remain the same: girls and young women tell us they face persistent and unfair barriers to being happy and confident. And they want to speak up on the decisions that affect their lives - especially in these extraordinary times.

WHO Calls for Urgent Action to Improve the Health and Lives of Girls and Women

Despite considerable progress in the past decades, societies continue to fail to meet the health care needs of women at key moments of their lives, particularly in their adolescent years and in older age, a WHO report has found. Communication Material. Stronger Together. World Health Day. PAHO Calendar.

On 31 December , the World Health Organization WHO was formally notified about a cluster of cases of pneumonia in Wuhan City, home to 11 million people and the cultural and economic hub of central China. By 5 January, there were 59 known cases and none had been fatal. Ten days later, there were confirmed cases, of which four were in Japan, South Korea and Thailand and there had been six deaths in Wuhan.

Poor Enforcement of Laws

Alice Munro 's only novel, Lives of Girls and Women , which was published in , is a fictionalized coming-of-age work that is sometimes described as autobiographical. Munro is best known as a short story writer, whose work focuses on women's lives. Lives of Girls and Women consists of an episodic series of loosely linked short stories, all connected around the life of a young girl. Del Jordan, who is a child in the book's opening chapters, narrates a series of episodes from her life growing up in Jubilee, a small rural town in western Ontario. It is a reasonable possibility that Jubilee was modeled after Munro's own home town of Wingham, Ontario. Del's stories focus on her efforts to find her place in the small town in which she lives. She is not content with the kind of life that other young girls live and has no desire to be conventional.

As a market, women represent a bigger opportunity than China and India combined. So why are companies doing such a poor job of serving them? As a market, women represent an opportunity bigger than China and India combined. Women drive the world economy, in fact. Yet most companies do a remarkably poor job of serving them, a new study by the Boston Consulting Group reveals. BCG surveyed more than 12, women from a variety of geographies, income levels, and walks of life about their education, finances, homes, jobs, activities, interests, relationships, hopes, and fears, as well as their shopping behaviors and spending patterns. While any business would be wise to target female consumers, they say, the greatest potential lies in six industries: food, fitness, beauty, apparel, health care, and financial services.

Our team measures the impact of Girl Scout programming and leads national conversations about girls and their development via groundbreaking original studies. This research shows that participating in Girl Scouts is a powerful factor for developing courage, confidence, and character, which in turn build a foundation for success in education and careers, enable a lifetime of leadership, and provide high levels of life satisfaction. Alums assert that Girl Scouts set them on a path for achievement, connected them to something bigger than themselves, and helped them develop their passions and interests. Learn More. As a refresh of our study Change It Up!

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Though many more men are in prison than women, the rate of growth for female imprisonment has been twice as high as that of men since There are 1. The rate at which women are incarcerated varies greatly from state to state.

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