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Series and Parallel Pumps

Bench-top test set that allows students to investigate the operation and performance of a single centrifugal pump and two centrifugal pumps in both series and parallel. A compact, bench-top and fully self-contained centrifugal pump test set, that allows students to find the characteristics of centrifugal pumps, working alone or in series or parallel. The apparatus comprises two identical centrifugal pumps,together with two bearing-mounted motors driving each pump independently. The pumps draw water from the clear acrylic reservoir. The water travels through a series of valves to be delivered to a flow measurement device.

Pumps In Series And Parallel Pdf

Pumps are used to transfer fluid in a system, either at the same elevation or to a new height. The needed flow rate depends on the height to which the fluid is pumped. Each pump has a head- discharge relationship that is inversely proportional i. This head-discharge relationship, also known as the pump characteristic curve, is provided by the pump manufacturer. Two pumps or typically more in practice can be combined in series to increase the height to which the fluid can be pumped at a given flow rate, or combined in parallel to increase the flow rate associated with a given value of head.

Pumping Systems: Parallel and Series Configurations. For some piping system designs, it may be desirable to consider a multiple pump system to meet the.

Pumps in Series and Parallel

There may be many reasons to use parallel or series pumps instead of a single, larger Figure 5. PDF Design, operation and refurbishment of centrifugal pumps are strongly The flow system has the ability to test the pumps as a single unit or as a two pumps connected in series or parallel. Download full-text PDF. A platform for sliding vane pump and centrifugal pump tests is installed to study the series operation of them under different characteristics of pipeline. Firstly, the sliding vane pump and the centrifugal pump work independently, and the performance is recorded.

Sometimes the required operating conditions for a system are beyond the reach of a single, standard pump.

Experimental Study on Series Operation of Sliding Vane Pump and Centrifugal Pump

HM Base module for experiments in fluid mechanics. In complex systems, pumps can be connected in series or in parallel. In series operation the heads are added together and in parallel operation, the flow rates of the pumps are added. Series and parallel configuration of pumps behave similar to series and parallel configuration of electric resistances in electric circuits. The pump correlates with the electric resistance, the flow correlates with the electric current and the head with the voltage. The experimental unit contains two identical centrifugal pumps and an intake tank with overflow.

Pumping Systems: Parallel and Series Configurations. Two similar pumps, in series, operate in the same manner as a two-stage centrifugal pump.

To demonstrate the basic operation and characteristic of centrifugal pumps. To differentiate the flow rate and pressure head of a single pump and of two. Pumps are used in almost all aspects of industry and engineering from feeds to reactors or distillation columns in chemical engineering to pumping storm water in civil and environmental. They are an integral part of engineering and an understanding of how they work is important for any type of engineer.

Jump to content. Low Flow in Pipes - posted in Ankur's blog. Posted 28 July - AM. For higher head requirement, you need a very big size impeller.

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