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Warp knitting technology combines the two properties of dimensional stability and elasticity which are provided from woven and knitted fabrics separately. These fabrics consist of several threads warp which are formed as loops via needles and run through the fabric mainly in a vertical direction. These fabrics may be produced on a flat or a circular warp knitting machines. Additionally, the changes in fabric weight according to washing cycles of 1, 5 and 20 were also evaluated. According to test results ; the stretching properties and air permeability values of the polyester warp knitted fabrics produced in different weights varied according to the laundering cycle which emphasized that caring processes should also be considered during the evaluation of mechanical properties such as stretching, air permeability properties of polyester warp knitted fabrics.

Advances in Knitting Technology

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Knitting - Fundamentals, Machines, Structures and Developments

Contemporary multifunctional textiles are based on hi-tech functionalization. Knitted structures can be relatively rapidly designed and produced in a variety of textures due to their composition of many interlacing loop elements and their combinations. Foldable weft-knitted structures exist in a wide range of forms from simple rolls, ribs, and pleats to more complex three-dimensional structures. They exhibit new kind of geometry and deformation mechanisms. Some of them exhibit auxetic potential. Foldable knitted structures are multifunctional and widely usable. They can be produced in a variety of structures, qualities, and dimensions: in panels, fully-fashioned, or seamless.

Multifunctional Foldable Knitted Structures: Fundamentals, Advances and Applications

Knitting is a process of fabric forming by the intermeshing of loops of yarns. When one loop is drawn through another, loop stitch is formed. Stitches may be formed in horizontal or vertical direction. The two main forms of knitting [Fig.

Fundamentals and Advances in Knitting Technology

Knitting is a method by which yarn is manipulated to create a textile or fabric ; it is used in many types of garments. Knitting may be done by hand or by machine. Knitting creates stitches : loops of yarn in a row, either flat or in the round tubular. There are usually many active stitches on the knitting needle at one time. Knitted fabric consists of a number of consecutive rows of connected loops that intermesh with the next and previous rows.

Knitting is commonly used for manufacture of bandages in tubular form. The weft knitting machine is chiefly used for production of two classes of medical textiles:-support bandages and elastic bandages. Since these garments are to be c ontinuously worn, the seams need to be very strong whilst allowing for fluid body movement.

Knitted textiles and apparel represent approximately one third of the global textile market. This book provides an updated reference to Knitting technology, with specific focus on the developments in knitted fabric production and textile applications. The first set of chapters begin with a brief review of the fundamental principles of knitting, including the types and suitability of yarns for knitting as well as the properties achieved through knitted fabrics. The second part of the book examines the major advances in knitting, such as intelligent yarn delivery systems in weft knitting, knitted fabric composites and advances in circular knitting. The concluding section of the book presents a selection of case studies where advanced knitted products are used. Topics range from knitted structures for moisture management to weft knitted structures for sound absorption.

KNITTING TECHNOLOGY A comprehensive handbook and practical guide Third edition

1st Edition

Suitable for designers, engineers and technicians, this title looks at the history of knitting and how the process has evolved to the advanced developments. This title discusses the principles involved in different types of knitting machines and the different types of loops and knitted structures. Fundamentals and advances in knitting technology looks at the history of knitting and how the process has evolved to the latest developments. Chapters discuss the principles involved in different types of knitting machines and the different types of loops and knitted structures. The science and quality aspects of knitting, calculations related to knitting, and the mechanics of knitting are also examined.

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