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Rethinking Teacher supervision and evaluation

Marla W. This article explores the tension between instructional supervision and teacher evaluation inherent in the professional literature and in practice. Moreover, it suggests engaging in formal appraisal processes less often to allow instructional leaders and classroom teachers more time for formative support for growth and improvement. Finally, this piece offers a range of formative development options and advocates teachers as educational professionals at a time when teacher quality and retention to the profession are paramount. McGhee, M. Journal of Educational Supervision, 3 2.

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Teacher Supervision? Professional Development? Or Both?

As yet…no one knows the exact formula for success in teaching. The complexity of personality and the many-sidedness of teaching have continually baffled useful analysis. This fact is difficult to refute, even given other influences on public schools such as poverty, class size, family struggles, mental health, violence, and lack of funding. Gaining a foothold on the foundations of teacher evaluation — WHY we evaluate teachers, WHAT constitutes teacher quality and quality teaching, and HOW we can effectively implement good teacher evaluation systems — can help us improve this critically important aspect of education and ensure our classrooms are staffed with the best. First, teacher quality is positively linked with student learning. This is the primary reason to develop, implement, and continue our efforts to improve teacher evaluation systems. Early 19th century teachers were considered effective if they taught the curriculum chosen by community leaders, if they sustained proper discipline with children, and if they maintained the physical premises of the school and classroom.

Tenured professionals will participate in peer coaching 1 time every five year cycle. Peer coaching is a professional development strategy for educators to:. In peer coaching, two teachers come together, share in conversations, and reflect on and refine their practice. Their relationship is built on confidentiality and trust in a non-threatening, secure environment in which they learn and grow together. Review the related files included at the bottom of this page :. Review the following YouTube Videos you will need to unblock them which provide an excellent example of what the peer coaching process looks like from start to finish. The teacher being observed demonstrates some interesting student engagement strategies with her middle school students.

A teacher and an administrator sit at a table. She reflects on the successes and challenges in her work, areas of satisfaction and accomplishment and other areas of unease and struggle. Along the way, the administrator commends the teacher for her successes and offers encouragement, perspective and an occasional suggestion regarding challenges. After a while, the teacher turns to a different part of her self-assessment and presents three goals that she is proposing for her professional development over the coming weeks and months and, for each, an action plan consisting of a series of steps geared toward achieving it. The teacher and administrator discuss the goals and action steps and work on sharpening and refining them.

To express support for improved systems of teacher supervision and evaluation; provide recommendations for federal, state, and local policymakers to help schools ensure effective, fair, and meaningful teacher evaluations that improve their capacity to enhance the learning of the students they serve; and to aid principals in administering effective evaluations that serve as a tool for teacher growth and development. There is consensus that we need to improve overall student achievement in the United States.

Congruence with the instructional goals. Teacher actively builds on knowledge of prerequisites and misconceptions when describing instruction or seeking causes for student misunderstanding. This statement will be attached to this Observation Summary. The evaluator will submit one copy of the report to CSSU for inclusion in the teacher s personnel file. In case of disagreement with statements made on this Summary the teacher may submit a written statement to the evaluator outlining the specific Forget about scanning and printing out forms.

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Download .pdf). To express support for improved systems of teacher supervision and evaluation; provide recommendations for federal, state, and local.

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    Objective. The objective of the LNSU Teacher Supervision and Evaluation System is to ensure high quality teacher effectiveness and student learning.

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