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A: The thesis defences will be held online starting March 20 th. All members of the examination committee including the candidate, the chair of the defence and the supervisor will be connected online from different locations. Candidates may choose to postpone their defences until such time as normal practices can be reinstated with no penalties. More information on the logistics of the defence to follow. You may submit an electronic version of your thesis online through Service Request.

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. We conducted an empirical investigation, both qualitative and quantitative, on the role of patent examiner characteristics in the allocation of intellectual property rights. Building on insights gained from interviewing administrators and patent examiners at the U. These data were used to conduct an exploratory investigation of the connection between the patent examination process and the strength of ensuing patent rights. Our main findings are as follows: i Patent examiners and the patent examination process are not homogeneous. There is substantial variation in observable characteristics of patent examiners, such as their tenure at the USPTO, the number of patents they have exam-.

Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners

Since then, it became the most common method of fingerprint examination worldwide. The purpose of the ACE-V method is to give more structure and objectivity to the exercise of print comparison, combining the factors required for a sound scientific practice. The ACE-V examination method is composed of the following steps:. Analysis The examiner assesses the unknown print to determine whether or not it is suitable for comparison. This involves the preliminary assessment of a number of factors like the surface material or, the substance of the print itself.

Intra- and inter-examiner reliability of head alignment assessment in sitting and standing positions. To verify the intra- and inter-examiner reliability of the head anteriorization and inclination angles in the front and side views in sitting and standing positions and whether or not the measurements differ from the positions used. Three evaluators analyzed the images, repeating the analysis seven days later. From the inter-examiner reliability analysis, 3 out of the 6 evaluated angles were rated as excellent, 1 as acceptable and 1 as unacceptable. Regarding the level of intra-examiner reliability, in 10 assessments the ICC was rated as excellent, in 6 as very good, in 1 as acceptable and in 1 as unacceptable.

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Examination is a written form of demonstration of a certain level of theoretical knowledge by the student based on achievement of the learning objectives, usually performed on completion of a theoretical training course or a portion of a course. The standard, format, pass mark, etc. The examination shall be performed by the appropriately trained and approved examiner. Assessment is a practical form of measuring the competence of the student by evaluating three major factors associated to the learning objectives: knowledge, skills and attitude, usually performed on completion of a practical training course. The assessment should focus on the competencies relevant to the aircraft type and its maintenance.

View related sites. Our international reputation for excellence, reliability and fairness in language assessment depends on the high quality and professionalism of our examiners. Thousands of people work for us as examiners, both in the UK and in countries around the world. If you have a language teaching qualification and have relevant teaching experience, there may be opportunities for you to work with us as an examiner. This page gives you more information about what examiners do and what is required from them, and the necessary induction and training.

ACE-V (Analysis, Comparison, Evaluation and Verification)

Context: A robust evaluation system is the backbone of any education system. There are different methods of evaluating answer sheets in a subjective exam such as glance and grade method, scoring pattern system, and training the examiners on model answers before evaluation. However, inter-examiner reliability varies with each of these methods. Aim: The present study was done to find out the inter-examiner reliability in a postgraduate PG exam with a glance, grade, and assess method.

NCBI Bookshelf. Psychological Testing in the Service of Disability Determination. In , the U.

Results: There is a comparable difference between the results of evaluation by the external examiners and the actual pass rate of the students. Discussion.

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Why are both a psychiatric and a psychological evaluation required? Mental disorders, as well as the medications used for treatment, may produce symptoms or behavior that would make an airman unsafe to perform pilot duties. Due to the differences in training and areas of expertise, separate evaluations and reports are required from both a qualified psychiatrist and a qualified clinical psychologist for determining an airman's medical qualifications. This guideline outlines the requirements for these evaluations. Will I need to provide any of my medical records?

So, All of authors and contributors must check their papers before submission to making assurance of following our anti-plagiarism policies. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to assess examiner or observer reliability and to correlate the diagnostic accuracy of proximal caries detection by digital bitewing and panoramic radiographic images. Methods: In this study, digital bitewing and panoramic radiographs of subjects were used. The radiographs were evaluated for the depth of proximal caries by two examiners.

Metrics details. A potential problem of clinical examinations is known as the hawk-dove problem, some examiners being more stringent and requiring a higher performance than other examiners who are more lenient. Although the problem has been known qualitatively for at least a century, we know of no previous statistical estimation of the size of the effect in a large-scale, high-stakes examination. Each candidate was assessed by two examiners on each of seven separate tasks.

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