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Pioneering works on the efficient market hypothesis and abnormalities are summarized in this literature section of the present study.

Islamic Finance: Theory and Practice

Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Islamic Finance: Theory and Practice. Front Matter Pages i-ix. Islamic Economics and Banking — the Background.

Pages The Islamic Critique of Interest. The Interest-free Financial System. Modelling Profit-and-Loss Sharing. Non-interest Banking in Practice. Non-interest Finance and Macroeconomic Stability. Key Issues in the Islamic Financial System.

The Prohibition of Interest in Western Literature. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction Given the propensity of the world financial system to crisis, this book explores the radical alternative put forward by Islamic and Western theories of non-interest banking. The Islamic critique of interest and early experiments with non-interest banking are assessed against the conventional theories regarding banking, company finance and macroeconomic stability.

Whilst the experience of Islamic banking has proved inconclusive thus far, the theoretical model provides a cogent alternative to a financial system made fragile by debt contracts. Presley 2 3 1. University of Loughborough UK 3. Westaway and Islamic Financial Institutions. Mills J. Buy options.

Islamic Capital Markets: Theory and Practice

It equips the reader with sound Islamic juristic methodologies in order to appreciate the workings of Islamic commercial law and also helps to contextualise the products and regulatory framework for expanding markets such as Australia. The book is also significant when considering the proximity of Australia to countries like Indonesia and Malaysia and its trade with them. The book nonetheless focuses on Australian products and their regulatory challenges. This provides an insight into how to consider the practical side of Islamic finance in a given jurisdiction and, thus, combines theory and practice. The challenges are documented lucidly and can be used as a model for analysing other jurisdictions. It systemically addressed all the research questions raised and very convincingly and successfully resolved them to logical conclusions. The study can convincingly claim to have made a breakthrough in the frontier of knowledge in the field of Islamic finance" Professor R.

An Introduction to Islamic Finance Theory and Practice Second Edition

Bringing together theoretical and practical aspects of capital markets, Islamic Capital Markets offers readers a comprehensive insight into the institutions, instruments, and regulatory framework that comprise Islamic capital markets. Also exploring ideas about money, central banking, and economic growth theory and their role in Islamic capital markets, the book provides students and practitioners with essential information about the analytical tools of Islamic capital markets, serves as a guide to investing in Islamic assets, and examines risk management and the structure of Islamic financial products. Author and Islamic finance expert Noureddine Krichene examines the development of leading Islamic capital markets, including Malaysia, looking at sukuks and stocks in detail and emphasizing valuation, duration, convexity, immunization, yield curves, forward rates, swaps, and risks. Analyzing stock markets, stock valuation, price-earnings ratio, market efficiency hypothesis, and equity premiums, the book addresses uncertainty in capital markets, portfolio diversification theory, risk-return trade-off, pricing of assets, cost of capital, derivatives and their role in hedging and speculation, the principle of arbitrage and replication, Islamic structured products, the financing of large projects, and more.

Efficient Market Hypothesis for Islamic Capital Markets

Table of contents

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Islamic capital markets theory and practice Noureddine Krichene. Author Krichene, Noureddine, author. Banks and banking -- Islamic countries.

Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Islamic Finance: Theory and Practice.

Islamic commercial and financial practice has not experienced the trial-and-error style of development that has characterised the development of the common law in the English-speaking world. Many of the principles, rules and practices prevalent in the Islamic law of contract, commerce, finance and property remain the same as those outlined by the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad, and expounded by scholars of jurisprudence as far back as the 13th century, despite the advancement in time and sophistication of commercial interaction. Hanaan Balala here demonstrates how, in order to bridge the gap between the principles outlined by the Quran and the Prophet in the 7th century and commercial practice in the 21st century, Islamic finance jurisdictions need to open themselves to learning from the experience including the mistakes of the English common law. It seeks to draw parallels and differences where appropriate to facilitate the growth and development of Islamic commercial and financial law globally. Introduction 2.

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