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Simply put, the first shift is remunerated work or paid labor.

The second shift : working families and the revolution at home

The collection and release of the large and nationally representative —88 National Survey of Families and Households NSFH unleashed a flurry of housework articles in the quantitative sociological literature. The citation count in Google Scholar stands at citations as of April 20, , with those citations continuing to the present. Men increased their propensity to do housework and the increase was not a result of change in population composition, whereas for women it was a mix of decreased likelihood of doing housework but also an increase in the proportion of women least likely to spend time in housework e. We compared time diary data to the NSFH, demonstrating that the NSFH survey questions resulted in estimates that were about 50 percent higher than time diary estimates but that both data sources yielded similar conclusions about the gender gap in housework. The findings remain relevant today, save the need for the update of trends provided here. Our data analysis spanned the —90 period of greatest labor force increases for U.

It was reissued in with updated data. In the text, Hochschild investigates and portrays the double burden experienced by lateth-century employed mothers. Coined after Arlie Hochschild's book, the term "second shift" describes the labor performed at home in addition to the paid work performed in the formal sector. In The Second Shift , Hochschild and her research associates "interviewed fifty couples very intensively" and observed in a dozen homes throughout the s and s in an effort to explore the "leisure gap" between men and women. The traditional woman "wants to identify with her activities at home as a wife, a mother, a neighborhood mom ". The egalitarian female partner "wants to identify with the same spheres her husband does, and to have an equal amount of power in the marriage".

Jan 22, Minutes Buy. An updated edition of a standard in its field that remains relevant more than twenty years after its original publication. More than twenty years ago, sociologist and University of California, Berkeley, professor Arlie Hochschild set off a tidal wave of conversation and controversy with his bestselling book, The Second Shift. In it, she examined what really happens in dual-career households. Adding together time in paid work, child care, and housework, she found that working mothers put in a month of work a year more than their spouses. Updated for a workforce now half female, this edition cites a range of new studies and statistics and includes a new afterword in which Hochschild assesses how much-and how little-has changed for women today. Fifteen years after its first publication, The Second Shift remains just as important and relevant today as it did then.

The Second Shift Working Families And The Revolution At Home

Sister do their homework as their mother prepares dinner at their home in Denver, January Most working mothers return home to a second shift of unpaid housework and caregiving after their official workday ends. When paid work, household labor, and child care are combined, working mothers spend more time working than fathers. Many, if not most, workers experience times in their lives when their responsibilities at work conflict with their responsibilities at home. This is a problem that is felt acutely by all workers who have caregiving responsibilities at home—whether they are caring for a baby, a child, another adult with a disability, or an elder. While all working caregivers can experience similar struggles, this report focuses on working parents who need time to care for their children while also bringing home a paycheck. While all workers are likely to experience time conflicts, working mothers are especially hard hit because, in addition to their paid labor, they take on the majority of unpaid household and care work.

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Revisiting the “second shift”

Search this site. As the majority of women entered the workforce, sociologist and Berkeley professor Arlie Hochschild was one of the first to talk about what really happens in dual-career households. Many people were amazed to find that women still did the majority of childcare and housework even though they also worked outside the home. Now, in this updated edition with a new introduction from the author, we discover how much things have, or have not, changed for women today.

The Second Shift

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By Arlie Hochschild with Anne Machung. New York: Viking. Nearly two decades ago, as a new mother in the first flush of the feminist revolution, Ms.

New York, New York. The Second Shift: Working Parents and the Revolution at Home. By. Arlie Hochschild. New York: Viking Penguin, , pp., $

Arlie R. Hochschild

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What, I ask, do members of the Tea Party—or anyone else—want to feel about the nation and its leaders? Hidden beneath the right-wing hostility to almost all government intervention, I argue, lies an anguishing loss of honor, alienation and engagement in a hidden social class war. It includes essays on emotional labor—when do we enjoy doing it and when not? Earlier work has been based on field work among older residents of a low income housing project, The Unexpected Community , flight attendants and bill collectors who perform "emotional labor" The Managed Heart , working parents struggling to divide housework and childcare The Second Shift , corporate employees dealing with a corporate culture of workaholism The Time Bind , Filipina nannies who've left their children behind to care for those of American families Global Woman. My work is available in 16 languages.

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