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Functional brain mapping of the relaxation response and meditation

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Early research into meditation, including Transcendental Meditation TM , relied exclusively on EEG to measure brain activity during meditation practice. Unfortunately, the use of this technology rests on the questionable assumption that lying down in a confining tube while exposed to very loud sounds would not interfere with the meditation practice. The present study was designed to assess the effects of the fMRI procedure on both the subjective and neurophysiological responses of short and long-term TM practitioners. Twenty-three TM practitioners volunteered to participate in this study: 11 short-term meditators, averaging 2. The repeated-measures design included two activities for each participant, eyes-closed rest, and TM practice, in each of three conditions: sitting quietly in an upright position normal TM practice ; lying quietly in a supine position; and lying, with earplugs, inside a simulated fMRI tube simMRI , while exposed to dB recordings of an actual fMRI machine. Subjective experiences were collected after each activity in each condition.

Mind-Body practices constitute a large and diverse group of practices that can substantially affect neurophysiology in both healthy individuals and those with various psychiatric disorders. In spite of the growing literature on the clinical and physiological effects of mind-body practices, very little is known about their impact on central nervous system CNS structure and function in adolescents with psychiatric disorders. This overview highlights findings in a select group of mind-body practices including yoga postures, yoga breathing techniques and meditation practices. Mind-body practices offer novel therapeutic approaches for adolescents with psychiatric disorders. Findings from these studies provide insights into the design and implementation of neuroimaging studies for adolescents with psychiatric disorders. Clinical neuroimaging studies will be critical in understanding how different practices affect disease pathogenesis and symptomatology in adolescents.

Mind-Body Practices and the Adolescent Brain: Clinical Neuroimaging Studies

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The “Map of Consciousness”: A New Paradigm for Mysticism and Healing

Critchley, R. Melmed, E. Featherstone, C. Mathias, R.

The topic of investigating how mindfulness meditation training can have antidepressant effects via plastic changes in both resting state and meditation state brain activity is important in the rapidly emerging field of neuroplasticity. In the present study, we used a longitudinal design investigating resting state fMRI both before and after 40 days of meditation training in 13 novices. After training, we compared differences in network connectivity between rest and meditation using common resting state functional connectivity methods. Interregional methods were paired with local measures such as Regional Homogeneity. As expected, significant differences in functional connectivity both between states rest versus meditation and between time points before versus after training were observed.

The following is a summary, compiled by Breathing Space, of recent research into the positive effects of meditation on mental health. It is by no means an exhaustive list of all the research carried out to date, but should give some indication of the many and varied changes regular meditation can have. One notable effect of meditation that has been observed in neuroscience studies is that practiced meditators show marked development in the areas of the brain associated with well being.

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