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Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. Owolabi , Yusuff S. Because customers differ in their preferences and purchasing habit, and their mobility isenhanced by increasing availability of information, firms invest in technologies that help them gain detailed understanding of their customers, allowing them to know how to respond to customer needs and market products and services more effectively. While the modern CRM strategy is intensive in the use of analytical technologies, the Nigeria supermarket industry still at the first stage of its development phase have largely interacted with customers through personal interaction partly due to the low level of competition for customers, high cost of investment in analytical CRM infrastructure and lack of dynamic capability to integrate technology, people and processes. Related Articles:.

Adapting Customer Relationship Management to Strategic Supply Challenges: Clues for Success

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Customer Relationship Management Customer Relationship Management-A Strategic Approach

Scans the top management publications in the world to identify the most topical issues and latest concepts. Once upon a time attracting and retaining customers depended largely on an organization's marketing clout. It was often simply a case of shouting loud enough and long enough about a product or service until the customer was left with little option but to accept the claims being made. How things have changed. The Internet has made the world a much smaller place and the balance of power has shifted considerably.

PDF | familiar with the seven deadly sins—gluttony, sloth, pride, lust, envy, anger, and greed. Yet the awareness of these sins has not prevented some | Find.

What makes for CRM system success — Or failure?

Abstract : There is a major change in the way which companies organize themselves; switching from product-based to customer-based structures. Underpinned by information systems convergence and advanced supporting software, CRM significantly improves the implementation of Relationship Marketing principles. In this study, we explore the main issues enabling or hindering the development of Customer Relationship Management — factor of successful business and long-term profitability in the banking sector. We analyze the service quality offered to customers and its implications for the performance of a banking institution clarifying drawbacks, mainly, drawbacks concerning organization and resource use to support quality service, of the services provided by the Saudi Credit Bank.

What makes for CRM system success — Or failure?

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Securing customer loyalty: Is advocacy the way forward?

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    Although customer relationship management CRM has been one of the fastest growing businesses of the new millennium, critics point to the high failure rate of the CRM projects as evidenced by commercial market studies.

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