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Company Law Important Multiple Choice Questions

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Michael Garrison. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Legal studies scholars are expected to have knowledge of and stay current in a broad range of law topics, from the private law of contracts and torts t o the public law of administrative agencies and constitutional law.

Business law instructors are also expected to employ effective teaching techniques and create challenging courses for business students and others who want o r need an undergraduate education in law and the legal system.

Lawton and Lynda J. Browne, and Andrea M. The t o the assessment literature and to advance our understanding of evaluating student performance through a qualitative analysis of multiple-choice questions from business law testbanks and from the Business Law and Professional Responsibilities Section of the CPA Examination.

In terms of evaluating undergraduate business law students, multiple-choice examination questions are probably the most commonly used method of testing.

Law faculty with large classes often prefer the efficiency of objective, multiple-choice questions t o essay or other question formats that are more subjective and time consuming. Moreover, the demands on legal studies faculty for research and service further limit the time necessary t o create and grade essay-type questions. Thus, multiple-choice questions may be a practical necessity for many business law instructors. Such items can be used to test both simple and complex problems and to measure the broad range of subjects taught in a business law course.

See, e. Fox and Madelyn M. Several articles have been written on innovative formats for business law examinations. George D. Cameron I11 and Cindy A. Grading also has received attention. They can create their own questions, but constructing good items is time consuming and finding plausible distractors is often difficult.

Using questions from prior CPA examinations is an alternative. The downside is that these examinations are publicly available to students and the questions tend to be complex and advanced. Non-accounting students also may object to the use of CPA questions in business law courses not specifically designed for accounting students. Instructors also can use questions from testbanks provided by textbook publishers, which are usually provided by the publisher to adopters of the text.

However, the quality of these items is open to question. Whatever method of selecting test questions is utilized, it is important to understand the fundamentals of creating educationally sound multiple-choice questions.

If test items contain errors o r violations of the basic rules for writing multiple-choice questions, then the positive aspects of multiple-choice questions may be lost.

Poorly written questions will provide the instructor with little or no value when assessing important learning outcomes. This discussion and the critique of zyx the questions should assist legal studies instructors both in selecting and in creating multiple-choice questions for their examinations.

The next section of this article describes the method used in establishing the guidelines for writing multiple-choice items, in the zyxwv selection of testbanks and questions for analysis, and in the evaluation process.

Results are then presented followed by a discussion of the A properly constructed multiple-choice question should clearly and concisely set forth the problem to be solved. Ellsworth, Pat Dunnell, and Orpha K. Haladyna and Steven M. For additional research on multiple-choice questions, see Peter M.

Hampton, Kathleen A. Krentler, and Aleza B. Several textbooks on educational testing were reviewed by Professor Lewis Aiken from which he selected a list of 14 guidelines for Writing multiple- choice items. The guidelines used in our analysis of the questions as well as the rationale for these guidelines are as follows: 1. Present a single clearly formulated problem in the stem of the item. If more than one problem is given and the student fails the question, it is not possible to identify which problem caused the error.

State the stem in simple, clear language. Poorly written or complex questions may cause knowledgeable students t o answer incorrectly. Avoid unnecessary statements in the stem and do not continue teaching on an exam. Put as much wording as possible into the stem.

It is inefficient to repeat words and students will have less difficulty with shorter items. When possible, state the stem in positive form. Asking a student t o identify an incorrect alternative does not necessarily test whether the student knows the correct answer. Knowing what is true is generally a more important learning outcome than knowing what is not true. Negatively phrased items are often written, however, because they are easier t o create. While positively stated items require the author to devise three distractors for a four-alternative question, a negatively stated item requires that only one plausible alternative be devised-the answer.

Emphasize negative wording whenever it is used in the stem. Not emphasizing negative wording may cause it t o be overlooked.

Be certain that the intended answer is correct or clearly the best. Alternatives should be grammatically consistent with the stem and parallel in form. Violations of this guideline may provide clues to zyxwvutsr the correct answer or aid students in eliminating distractors that do not match. Avoid verbal clues that may eliminate a distractor or lead to the correct answer. There are several forms of verbal clues: a Avoid similarity of wording in the stem and the correct answer.

This structure allows students to eliminate other alternatives because the inclusive pair covers all possibilities.

Students will eliminate those alternatives because there can be only one correct answer. Make all distractors plausible to those who do not know the distractors. Good multiple-choice items depend on effective zyxw Students can select it as the correct answer by identifying any two alternatives as correct without knowing that they are all correct. Or, students can eliminate it by observing that any other alternative is wrong. This may only measure the ability to detect incorrect answers.

Follow the normal rules of grammar and punctuation. Stems in question form should have alternatives that begin with capital letters. Alternatives in statement completion items should begin with lower-case letters. Periods should not be used with numerical alternatives to avoid confusion with decimal points. Because the authors examined testbank items and not exams, the following two guidelines were not used in our analysis: 1 the position of the correct answer should be varied randomly so that a student cannot select the correct answer by following a pattern, and 2 each item on an exam should be independent of other items so that an uninformed student cannot use information from one item t o help answer another.

Items for this paper were randomly selected from testbanks and some items were not independent of others. However, this violation was ignored since examinations typically are not constructed in such a manner. Because zyx determining the importance of a question is arbitrary, this guideline also was not used. The importance of a question is best judged in light of the objectives of a particular course. Also, the extent t o which the material in the questions was covered in a particular course was unknown.

For criteria one through four, the authors identified a violation only if the item could be readily improved by zyxwvuts conforming t o the guideline. For the remaining criteria, the authors identified all guideline departures.

The authors did not identify poor or zyx inconsistent item formats, incorrect punctuation, and typographical errors because these shortcomings may disappear when testbank items are reprinted in student exams. Selection of Testbanks zyxwvuts Using the University's library retrieval system, the authors identified 48 business law textbooks that were in print.

Eleven textbooks had companion testbanks which we were able t o obtain for this study. The eleven books include many of the leading texts in the business law field. Table 1. Garrison, is a co-authorof one of the textbooks -J. He is not, however, an author of the testbank that is a supplement to the text.

The authors observed two types of differences in the independent ratings which the authors discussed and resolved. First, a difference in the ratings arose from judgments primarily related to the first four criteria where the authors allowed for justifiable departure from the guidelines.

In these cases, the authors did not record a violation unless the authors agreed that the item was flawed. Second, there was the possibility that in checking items against the 16 criteria, a violation could be overlooked. Of the multiple-choice questions evaluated, the authors identified guideline violations, or 5. Table 2 presents a detailed summary of violations by guideline and testbank. Therefore, the probability of all three raters overlooking the same violation could account for understating the total number of violations by less than one.

The stem should present a single clearly formulated problem. The stem should be in simple, clear language.

Chapter 7: Multiple choice questions

Showing posts with label Business Law and Corporate Governance. Show all posts. NOTE: The answers are boldly marked. Question A contract of sale of goods is a contract whereby the seller transfers or agrees to transfer the property:. Question The goods which form the subject of a contract of sale:. Question where trees are sold to be cut and then taken away by the buyer;.

Which of the following can be used for buy back of shares a Free reserves b Securities premium c Proceeds of fresh issue of shares d All of the above Ans. There is no need to held statutory meeting in case of Government company? Public company can allot shares without receiving minimum subscription? For every special resolution passed the form attached should be a Form no. In case of alternation of AOA to deletion or insertion of provisions defining private company shall be passed by resolution through postal ballot. Which of the following. Should not be considered?

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300+ TOP Business Law MCQs and answers

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None of the above a. If you are on mobile I would recommend that you just download the PDF using the green download button. Collective B. Answer D ,

Business Law MCQs

Business Law MCQs

Louis believes the vase is worthless but George believes it is valuable. What legal action can Louis take against George? When will the courts presume that there has been undue influence is the signing of a contract? Instructions Answer the following questions and then press 'Submit' to get your score. Question 1 Which one of the following statements is incorrect? Question 2 Misrepresentation in a contract makes the contract: a Void. Question 3 An operative mistake in a contact makes the contract: a Void.

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Busienss Law Important Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ's) with Answers for Quaid-e-Azam, Punjab and other Universities -, BS, ADP.

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Resources Diagnostic test - where do I need to concentrate? Marson: Business Law Concentrate 2e Multiple choice questions. Chapter 01 The English legal system Chapter 02 Contract I: essential features of a contract Chapter 03 Contract II: mistake, misrepresentation, duress, and undue influence Chapter 04 Contract III: contractual terms and consumer protection Chapter 05 Contract IV: discharge of contract and remedies for breach Chapter 06 Law of torts Chapter 07 Employment I: employment status, terms of the contract of employment, and discrimination Chapter 08 Employment II: termination?

Business Law MCQs

How many parties are there to a Promissory note?

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An Analysis of Multiple-Choice Questions from Business Law Testbanks and from the Cpa Examination

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