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2.2: Theoretical Approaches

Hitherto, cultural theory and empirical work on culture have outstripped cultural policy. This book rectifies the peculiar imbalance in the field of Cultural Studies by offering the first comprehensive and international work on cultural policy. Fully alive to the challenges posed by globalization it addresses a wide range of central topics including cinema, television, museums, international organizations, art, public history, drama and performance art. The result is a landmark work in the emerging field of cultural policy. Rigorous in its field of survey and astute in its critical commentary it enables students to gain a global grounding in cultural policy. It will be essential reading for students of cultural studies and cultural sociology. Can it be denied that the education of the common people is the most effective means of protecting persons and property?

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This course provides an overview of cultural policy in Canada, with a primary focus on the national level, but situated within the larger context of cultural policy developments at the international, provincial, and municipal levels. The course examines the conceptual foundations of cultural policy, definitions of culture, the evolution of cultural policy in Canada over the past years, and some of the major ideas and discourses that have shaped its development both historically and in recent years. Digital Reading Room. Index of Digital Reading Room Search. C5 Report a Broken Link This course provides an overview of cultural policy in Canada, with a primary focus on the national level, but situated within the larger context of cultural policy developments at the international, provincial, and municipal levels.

Cultural Policy 1

What is a buffer? Is it a control zone? Or is it rather a transition space, a blurred boundary? Since "buffer zones" were introduced in the late s as a complementary protection layer to World Heritage sites, the dimensions of heritage have changed significantly; from physical to intangible, from defined to diffused. Now, buffers can present all these different characters, even at the same time. Using buffers as the main connection thread, this book is a collection of complementary studies that explore the contemporary challenges in heritage definition and management.

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Cultural Policy: Definitions and Theoretical Approaches · References · Citations · Metrics · Reprints & Permissions · PDF.

Cultural policy

Subject is not scheduled Not scheduled. The study aim is to acquire knoweldge and an overview of current cultural policy in the Czech Republic and the EU, and individual tools and measures of cultural policy considering international and national. European Commission.

Chapter 9: A new approach towards buffers

Paradigms are theoretical frameworks explaining society Griffiths et al. These frameworks are perspectives, a way of observing and examining people and the world through different lenses. As a sociological practitioner, you must learn to use and apply sociological theories to understand and evaluate people and their social situations or conditions from an objective viewpoint to identify appropriate interventions. Sociologists use theories to study and understand people.

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Cultural Policy: Definitions and Theoretical Approaches

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