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Goals are a very important thing to many of us. We all have goals. Some of us even create action plans to help us reach those goals. This time of year, a lot of goal setting resources are released to coincide with the new year.

My Life Planning Workbook - Achieve Goal Setting Success

Your contribution can help change lives. Donate now. Sixteen training modules for teaching core skills. Learn more. VMOSA Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies, and Action Plans is a practical planning process used to help community groups define a vision and develop practical ways to enact change.

VMOSA helps your organization set and achieve short term goals while keeping sight of your long term vision. Implementing this planning process into your group's efforts supports developing a clear mission, building consensus, and grounding your group's dreams.

VMOSA is a practical planning process that can be used by any community organization or initiative. This comprehensive planning tool can help your organization by providing a blueprint for moving from dreams to actions to positive outcomes for your community. In this section, we will give a general overview of the process, and touch briefly on each of the individual parts.

Then, in Tools, we offer you a possible agenda for a planning retreat, should your organization decide to use this process. Finally, the remaining sections in this chapter will walk you through the steps needed to fully develop each portion of the process.

Why should your organization use this planning process? There are many good reasons, including all of the following:. So, when should you use this strategic planning process? Of course, it always makes sense for your organization to have the direction and order it gives you, but there are some times it makes particularly good sense to use this process.

These times include:. Let's look briefly at each of the individual ingredients important in this process. Then, in the next few sections we'll look at each of these in a more in-depth manner, and explain how to go about developing each step of the planning process.

Your vision communicates what your organization believes are the ideal conditions for your community — how things would look if the issue important to you were perfectly addressed. This utopian dream is generally described by one or more phrases or vision statements, which are brief proclamations that convey the community's dreams for the future.

By developing a vision statement, your organization makes the beliefs and governing principles of your organization clear to the greater community as well as to your own staff, participants, and volunteers. There are certain characteristics that most vision statements have in common. In general, vision statements should be:. Developing mission statements are the next step in the action planning process.

An organization's mission statement describes what the group is going to do, and why it's going to do that. Mission statements are similar to vision statements, but they're more concrete, and they are definitely more "action-oriented" than vision statements.

The mission might refer to a problem, such as an inadequate housing, or a goal, such as providing access to health care for everyone.

And, while they don't go into a lot of detail, they start to hint - very broadly - at how your organization might go about fixing the problems it has noted. Some general guiding principles about mission statements are that they are:. While vision and mission statements themselves should be short, it often makes sense for an organization to include its deeply held beliefs or philosophy, which may in fact define both its work and the organization itself.

One way to do this without sacrificing the directness of the vision and mission statements is to include guiding principles as an addition to the statements. These can lay out the beliefs of the organization while keeping its vision and mission statements short and to the point. Once an organization has developed its mission statement, its next step is to develop the specific objectives that are focused on achieving that mission.

Objectives refer to specific measurable results for the initiative's broad goals. An organization's objectives generally lay out how much of what will be accomplished by when. It's important to understand that these different types of objectives aren't mutually exclusive. Most groups will develop objectives in all three categories.

Examples of objectives include:. Strategies explain how the initiative will reach its objectives. Generally, organizations will have a wide variety of strategies that include people from all of the different parts, or sectors, of the community.

These strategies range from the very broad, which encompass people and resources from many different parts of the community, to the very specific, which aim at carefully defined areas.

Finally, an organization's action plan describes in great detail exactly how strategies will be implemented to accomplish the objectives developed earlier in this process. The plan refers to: a specific community and systems changes to be sought, and b the specific action steps necessary to bring about changes in all of the relevant sectors, or parts, of the community. The key aspects of the intervention or community and systems changes to be sought are outlined in the action plan.

For example, in a program whose mission is to increase youth interest in politics, one of the strategies might be to teach students about the electoral system. Some of the action steps, then, might be to develop age-appropriate materials for students, to hold mock elections for candidates in local schools, and to include some teaching time in the curriculum. Action steps are developed for each component of the intervention or community and systems changes to be sought.

These include:. Of course, once you have finished designing the strategic plan or "VMOSA" for your organization, you are just beginning in this work. Your action plan will need to be tried and tested and revised, then tried and tested and revised again.

You'll need to obtain feedback from community members, and add and subtract elements of your plan based on that feedback. Everyone has a dream. But the most successful individuals - and community organizations - take that dream and find a way to make it happen. VMOSA helps groups do just that. This strategic planning process helps community groups define their dream, set their goals, define ways to meet those goals, and finally, develop practical ways bring about needed changes.

In this section, you've gained a general understanding of the strategic planning process. If you believe your organization might benefit from using this process, we invite you to move on to the next sections of this chapter, which explain in some depth how to design and develop your own strategic plan. Imagining Our Dream Community provides guidance for visualizing your organization's ideal community. The Strategic Planning Process outlines 8 steps to developing a customized strategic plan for a coalition.

Work Group Evaluation Handbook. Barry, B. Strategic planning workbook for non-profit organizations. Paul, MN: Amherst H. Wilder Foundation. Bryson, J. Strategic planning for public and nonprofit organizations: A guide to strengthening and sustaining organizational achievement. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers. Coover, V. Philadelphia: New Society Publisher. Fawcett, S.

Preventing adolescent substance abuse: an action planning guide for community -based initiatives. Promoting urban neighborhood development: An action planning guide for improving housing, jobs, education, safety and health, and human development.

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Unterman, I. Strategic management of not-for-profit organizations. Watson-Thompson, J. Differential effects of strategic planning on community change in two urban neighborhood coalitions. American Journal of Community Psychology, 42, Wolff, T. Managing a non-profit organization. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Skip to main content. Toggle navigation Navigation. Chapter 8. Chapter 8 Sections Section 1.

Creating Objectives Section 4. Developing an Action Plan Section 6. Section 7.


Your contribution can help change lives. Donate now. Sixteen training modules for teaching core skills. Learn more. VMOSA Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies, and Action Plans is a practical planning process used to help community groups define a vision and develop practical ways to enact change. VMOSA helps your organization set and achieve short term goals while keeping sight of your long term vision.

For those of you new to our community, Live Your Legend is a community and movement dedicated to changing the world by helping people find work that genuinely excites them and build a career around making the impact only you can. The majority of the Live Your Legend tools and community resources are totally free to the public, and this workbook is only one of the many tools in our Passionate Work Toolkit. Along the journey weve also created a career course, Live Off Your Passion, as well as How to Connect With Anyone, designed to help you build genuine connections with the people who can change everything. We look forward to this being just the beginning. Were in your corner however you need us. Heres to taking by storm! Guidance: This was created to help you take action to make your best year yet.

By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you know what you have to concentrate on and improve. When there is a target, people feel driven to meet it. Decide specifically what it is you want. Identify, as goals, two things you want to accomplish this year. In other words, set goals t hat will be challenging to reach. Writing down your goals turns them from wishes into realities, and is the first step in committing to the goal.

Let's Get Your Life Back

The Commit to Your Best Life Now GOal workbook is designed to integrate practical, workable steps, positive habit-creation tips, and wellness tools to help you achieve your goals and commit to living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Throughout this workbook, you will have access to my hyper-organized, goal-getting, adventure-loving, believe-in-you brain. It is my best content all in one place. Together, we will reflect, renew, and focus; embrace possibility; and welcome the new year or new season with clear intention and an actionable plan. It starts with a vision: What do you want your life to look like?

Teacher Goal Setting Examples. Get Specific. The beginning of the school year is the perfect opportunity to become the ultimate organized teacher. For example, on our twitter account, some teachers post pictures of students with their certificates once they've broken 30wpm.

With the Your Best Year Ever goal setting and achievement course, you can launch into ready to brush obstacles aside and achieve your goals. For many of us, has been a grab-bag of obstacles. With a pandemic, lockdowns, civil unrest, an election, and natural disasters, the challenges this year have been unrelenting.

Zig Ziglar - Goal Setting Process Workbook

Ok, so I might be just a tad fired up this morning yes, even more than usual. I hope to at least record the audio for those of your interested. For real. Corbett has taught me just about everything I know in online business, built and launched both LYL sites over the past few years and is the most honest guy I know teaching this stuff.

It caused us to look at the world and our paths in a completely new way, to focus on the few things we can control our thoughts, how we treat others, our contributions to the world, etc. It helped us to discover more about our own unique selves, to question the norm and to do the things that served us individually and as a couple. We learned and continued to learn many things about all sorts of topics—health, relationships, personal growth, and more—but I know that one of the things that stuck with both Scott and me was this…. It is up to you to take the steps that are in your control to get the life you want… no one else is gonna do that for you! And we make it totally free to all of you. Just a link you get to click to download! This workbook was created to get you crystal clear on your vision, goals and the actions required to make them happen—so that can be the best year yet.

My Annual Goal-Setting & Weekly Planning Process Is Live! (Free PDF Downloads). Goal Setting Action Workbook cover.

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