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Computer-aided manufacturing

Rapid Prototyping RP is the means through which this is achieved, either directly or indirectly. There have been sporadic reports on this topic in the recent literature, but since the approach has the potential for considerable savings in production time, it offers opportunities for more design freedom in terms of patternless moulding, a scientific understanding of the process needs to be developed. This paper is an attempt in this direction, considering the rapid casting achieved by direct printing of sand moulds from Computer Aided Design CAD models, using 3D printing. The mould performance when used to cast light metals such as aluminium and magnesium under varying conditions is studied in terms of mechanical characteristics and surface quality of the castings. Taguchi L9 experimental design is used to consider the total number of factors and the size of the resulting experimental designs.

Rapid Casting of Light Metals: An Experimental Investigation Using Taguchi Methods

Computer-aided manufacturing CAM also known as Computer-aided Modeling or Computer-aided Machining [1] [2] [3] is the use of software to control machine tools and related ones in the manufacturing of work pieces. CAM leverages both the value of the most skilled manufacturing professionals through advanced productivity tools, while building the skills of new professionals through visualization, simulation and optimization tools. The numerical control can be applied to machining tools, or more recently to 3D printers. Historically, CAM software was seen to have several shortcomings that necessitated an overly high level of involvement by skilled CNC machinists. Fallows created the first CAD software but this had severe shortcomings and was promptly taken back into the developing stage. In some cases, such as improperly set up CAM software or specific tools, the CNC machine required manual editing before the program will run properly. None of these issues were so insurmountable that a thoughtful engineer or skilled machine operator could not overcome for prototyping or small production runs; G-Code is a simple language.

Proceedings Papers

It is desirable to understand when to use this evolving advanced technology versus conventional pattern making. This analysis evaluates this question by examining the cost of molds and cores as a function of part design complexity quantified by a complexity factor. Two case studies are presented where the complexity of the castings is systematically varied by changing the geometry and number of cores.

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