Simple Past And Past Continuous Tense Exercises Pdf

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Past continuous tense.

The past continuous is one of the tenses used to tell stories as it describes multiple actions and events happening at the same time in the past. The pictures are story pictures with two actions happening at the same time. Students can use their imaginations to answer the questions while hopefully using the correct grammar.

Past Simple and Past Continuous Exercise 2

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Present Simple Tense by jecika. Am, is, are by victor. What time is it? There is - there are by victor. Was or were by AnetaDraganova.

Past simple and continuous exercises PDF

Skip to content. Yesterday, it was raining and thundering all day. Remember this can be a real interruption or just an interruption in time. The past continuous tense is used to describe actions that began in the past and often continued for a short period of time after the action started. Past Continuous - speaking card PDF. Simple Past vs Past Continuous Answers: 1. Past Perfect and Past Perfect Progressive.

Past Simple & Past Continuous Exercises

PDF book 1: English tenses exercises. PDF book 2: English grammar exercises. PDF book 3: English grammar rules. Read more about English grammar books PDF on e-grammar.

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past continuous pdf

Present simple, present continuous, past simple and past continuous

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Interactive Version - In this past continuous interactive worksheet, students complete a range of exercises to learn how to use the past continuous tense in three ways. Past Simple vs. Present Simple Passive Present Simple vs. Essay Writing Punctuation. Paragraph Writing. Referenced Essays.

Skip to main content. Past continuous and past simple: Grammar test 1. The past continuous and the past simple help us to show how two past actions or situations are connected. The past simple shows us that an action was in the past, not in the present. Regular past simple verbs have - ed at the end e. Irregular verbs have a different form, usually with a different vowel sound e.

Find active and passive voice exercises with answers pdf and active and passive voice rules chart and get a deep insight of learning. Plural am walking We. Fill in the blanks with appropriate past continuous form of the verb given in the brackets.

Download PDF version of this test! Exercise instructions. Remember that the present perfect always has some sort of connection with the present, whereas the past simple happens at a specific time in the past. Past Continuous is used to describe action that were in progress still happening - not finished at a certain time in the past. Past perfect simple or past perfect continuous?

Past Simple Past Continuous Exercises. The next time. To my surprise it be my friend Peter. She bought them for an apple pie.

Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verb in brackets. Write the verbs without contractions: e. I'm watching , I am watching , He's handsome , he is handsome.

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