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Du kanske gillar. Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. Do you want to communicate easily and freely in Polish? Master Polish grammar and broaden your vocabulary with your very own Polish Tutor.

Learn Polish with an exercise book!

Du kanske gillar. Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. Do you want to communicate easily and freely in Polish? Master Polish grammar and broaden your vocabulary with your very own Polish Tutor. This contemporary interactive workbook features activities across a range of grammar and vocabulary points with clear goals, concise explanations, and real-world tasks.

By studying and practicing Polish grammar you'll understand how the language really works and be able to speak Polish with clarity and ease.

What will I learn? The Polish Tutor: Grammar and Vocabulary Workbook covers a comprehensive range of the most useful and frequent grammar and vocabulary in Polish.

You can follow along unit by unit, or dip in and dip out to address your weak areas. As you progress, you will be introduced to new vocabulary and combine it with the grammar to complete extensive exercises. You will then practice the language through authentic reading and writing practice. Is this course for me? The Polish Tutor: Grammar and Vocabulary Workbook can be used as a standalone course or as a complement to any other Polish course.

It offers extensive practice and review of essential grammar points and vocabulary and skills building. The personal tutor element points out exceptions and gives tips to really help you perfect your Polish. What do I get? What other courses are available? Rely on Teach Yourself, trusted by language learners for over 75 years. Passar bra ihop. Ladda ned.

Polish Tutor: Grammar and Vocabulary Workbook (Learn Polish with Teach Yourself)

Make the most of your trip to work by learning Polish grammar on the way. Each page provides a clear explanation of a particular aspect of Polish grammar with examples of use. Perfect for use on a smart phone or an iPad using the iBooks app. Read the pages through and learn important aspects of the Polish language. Visit the site every day to see new pages. Bookmark this page to see additional pages on your next visit.

The Polish language is a member of the Western Slavic group of the Indo-European family of languages. It is easiest to learn if one already knows some other related language. Polish is spoken by a total of approximately 40 million people, making it the second most widely spoken Slavic language in the world, next to Russian. Speakers of related languages can pick it up with not much effort. Someone who doesn't speak any Slavic language, but speaks some other Indo-European language, may still find many similarities between Polish grammar and the grammar of that language, as well as many similar words. This Wikibook is designed for anyone who wants to learn the basics of the Polish language. It is suitable for beginners and those who've been learning the language for a few years.

thefloatingschoolid.org: Polish Tutor: Grammar and Vocabulary Workbook (Learn Polish with Teach Yourself): Advanced beginner to upper intermediate course.

FREE Book: Differences in Polish and English Languages

More than 50 pages of exercises in Polish to help you learn essential words and phrases in the language. We suggest printing out the Polish exercise book and working through the exercises with a pencil or a pen. This time-proven learning method is a refreshing choice in this digital age. When the noun is in the plural, the word for ' our ' is ' nasi '. If, however, the noun is masculine and animate alive , the word for ' our ' is ' nasze '.

Tutors: Grammar and Vocabulary Workbooks

Finding good learning materials for Polish is no easy task. Sure, a quick Google search should be enough to find dozens of relevant sites, but how do you tell the best resources from the less useful ones? As it turns out, the most valuable materials are not necessarily the ones that get the most exposure or the highest price tag.

Polish has come to a halt in the Incubator for reasons unbeknownst to us. I wanted to share some Polish learning materials with everyone who is waiting for the course to keep up the Polish learning morale of everyone. If people like this, I may do this for other languages. It's not the most beautiful but the audio has been recorded by native speakers and it's a good place to get started.

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Free Polish Learning Materials (WIP)
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