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Think and Grow Rich

Read the full comprehensive summary at Shortform. Think and Grow Rich is a guide to success by Napoleon Hill, which was first published in following the Great Depression.

It was immediately welcomed as an antidote to hard times and remained a bestseller for decades. Many people still find its philosophy of positive thinking and its specific steps for achieving wealth both relevant and life-changing.

Hill contends that our thoughts become our reality, and offers a plan and principles for transforming thoughts into riches, including visualization, affirmation, creating a Master Mind group, defining a goal, and planning. If we choose not to control our thoughts, they end up controlling us.

Our thoughts determine whether we succeed or fail in work and life. If we fill our minds with thoughts of success become success-conscious or money-conscious , we can achieve riches. If we allow ourselves to become failure-conscious instead, failure is what we will get. The prescription for turning positive thoughts into riches, which is repeated in many ways throughout the book, is this:.

Unlock the full book summary of Think and Grow Rich by signing up for Shortform. Similarly, some of the stories Hill uses differ from accepted historical accounts, but may be valuable as aids in remembering and applying the principles. Think and Grow Rich , originally published in in the aftermath of the Great Depression, offers a formula and step-by-step instructions for getting rich, which author Napoleon Hill asserts are accessible to everyone regardless of their circumstances.

The book was well-received by depression-weary citizens and remained a bestseller for decades. It is still popular today. You must control your thoughts if you want to control Similarly, the wealthy men interviewed by Hill told him their greatest successes came when they persisted in going one step beyond a failure or setback.

Thomas Edison reportedly tried and failed 10, times before inventing a successful electric lightbulb. Temporary defeats are common in most endeavors, and they often seem to come when success is within reach. Unlike Edison, though, many people quit too soon.

People who become rich do so because they have a success-consciousness — they spend their time thinking about Steven Spielberg had an all-consuming desire to make movies. He came up with a unique idea for literally getting in the door. He took a Universal Studios Tour, then sneaked away and hid on the lot until after the tram had left. As he left at the end of the day, he made a point of speaking to the guard. Because the guard then recognized him, he was able to return daily for three months.

He always wore a suit and carried a briefcase, giving the impression he was a student with a summer job there. He spoke often to directors, writers, and editors. He found a vacant office and moved in, and he added his name to the directory.

Spielberg eventually got to know the head of production for the television department, who became his mentor and gave him opportunities to produce films. His desire seemed all-consuming, and he was willing to do anything to achieve it. This is the best summary of Think and Grow Rich I've ever read.

I learned all the main points in just 20 minutes. Here are two examples of how unwavering faith in an idea led to incredible success and systemic changes. Charles M. Schwab, who worked for Andrew Carnegie, had a vision for restructuring of the steel industry. But it was counterintuitive. The standard practice at the time was to create monopolies, then increase prices to reap profits, which restricts demand.

Schwab, however, wanted to do the opposite — make steel cheaper, and create a huge and expanding market to create larger profits. To do that, he needed the cooperation of J.

Others had tried and failed to interest Morgan in organizing a steel trust. No matter how much knowledge he contains himself, anyone who knows where to get knowledge when needed is an educated individual.

Through his Master Mind group, Henry Ford had all the specialized knowledge he needed to start an automobile revolution. The same was true of Andrew Carnegie. Together, you and your Master Mind can achieve something greater than any individual could achieve alone. But great ideas can take on a momentum of their own, spurring you to act and persist until they transform into reality. Capitalism consists of more than money.

It also encompasses groups of organized, intelligent people who come up with new ways to use money that create profits and serve the public. These people include scientists, inventors, educators, analysts, and people with the specialized knowledge to envision and produce new products, services, and inventions.

This knowledge benefits hospitals, colleges and schools; pays for government services for everyone; and builds transportation systems. Organized capital is responsible for delivering the basic necessities of life — food, shelter, heat, electricity, plumbing — at a relatively modest cost.

Capitalism rallies the land, machinery, factories, ships, automobiles, and people to deliver your standard of life.

Capitalists are the people who use labor, ingenuity, and people organization to drive progress in society. They have a desire to build new things and provide useful services, and in return earn profits and become rich.

You have abundant opportunity freedom to do the same. But if you want to enjoy riches, you must contribute something to society in return — namely, products or services of value. The riches you receive will be in Because of these decisions a nation was born — a desire became a reality. Great changes like this often take root with a definitive decision in the minds of only a few people. We're the most efficient way to learn the most useful ideas from a book.

Ever feel a book rambles on, giving anecdotes that aren't useful? Often get frustrated by an author who doesn't get to the point? We cut out the fluff, keeping only the most useful examples and ideas.

We also re-organize books for clarity, putting the most important principles first, so you can learn faster. Other summaries give you just a highlight of some of the ideas in a book. We find these too vague to be satisfying.

At Shortform, we want to cover every point worth knowing in the book. Learn nuances, key examples, and critical details on how to apply the ideas. You want different levels of detail at different times.

That's why every book is summarized in three lengths:. You should also examine yourself methodically for signs that you lack persistence:. For example, when Napoleon Boneparte was inspired by his first wife Josephine, he was invincible. When he ended his relationship with her, he was defeated.

Similarly, Abraham Lincoln discovered his creative imagination when his mind was stimulated by the love of Anne Rutledge.

Salespeople and others with strong charisma create their personal magnetism from redirected sex energy, whether they realize it or not. People without formal education can achieve greatness through the use of creative imagination, stimulated by sex energy.

But people rarely achieve great wealth or other success before age 40, because they waste their energies in the physical expression of sex, rather than harnessing the energy for mental creativity. In addition to sparking creativity, the emotion of sex combined with the emotion of love changes people for the better by enhancing judgment, balance, calmness, and focus.

A single negative thought is sufficient to block your mind from helping you reach your goal. Even prayer can have a negative effect, because people often pray as a last resort, when their minds are filled with fear and doubt. To fully engage the power of your subconscious mind to reach your goal, practice faith and positive thinking until it becomes habit. For some people, the sixth sense takes the form of a guardian angel.

A combination of the mental and spiritual, the sixth sense is almost indescribable. Our ability to use this power comes only slowly, if at all, as we learn to apply the principles. Anyone who applies the principles can still succeed in achieving riches, without fully understanding the last principle, the sixth sense. But if you want more — a complete philosophy for getting what you want from life — the principle of the sixth sense exists to increase your understanding of yourself, others, Nature, and happiness.

Old age : This fear is driven by ill health, diminishing sexual attractiveness, and loss of physical and economic freedom. Death will come regardless of what we think about it. You can make a decision to replace each fear with alternate thinking. For instance, instead of fearing poverty, decide to manage with the money you have without worrying about it; banish fear of criticism by resolving to not care what others think; instead of fearing old age, view it as a blessing, and so on.

You have the power to control your mind, filling it with whatever you choose. You are responsible for using this power constructively. The master key is powerful. The flipside — negative personal qualities and ineffective behaviors — constitutes the most common reasons that would-be leaders fail.

Book Rating by Shortform Readers: 4. Not a valid email address. The prescription for turning positive thoughts into riches, which is repeated in many ways throughout the book, is this: Focus on a single, clearly defined purpose as your overriding life goal. Make achieving this goal your all-consuming desire. Pursue it with persistence and faith.

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill [PDF + DVD] Kindle Version

It is, however, one of my favorite mindset tools. These self-improvement strategies are extremely empowering. This way you can access everything in one spot. In my opinion, I think all entrepreneurs and dream chasers should read this book. Original, public domain version. Dive deeper into a specific Think and Grow Rich chapter podcast by getting the content for a particular episode.

Any reference to “Think And Grow. Rich” within the text or domain name is by necessity in reference to the title of book. Free Digital Download PDF eBook Edition.

Think and Grow Rich PDF, Podcast Episodes and More

Do you have trouble keeping yourself motivated and reaching your goals? Does it seem like your desires are just out of your reach? Sometimes it may seem like nothing we try works! The book aims to make you rich in all aspects of your life. Obviously, you will learn how to make and manage money but there is so much more to it than that!

In order to become rich, you must have a strong burning desire that can carry you through all the obstacles to your goal and help motivate you as things become difficult. However, you need to foster desire along very specific steps. These six steps now follow.

Originally published in , this is one of the all-time self-help classics and a must read for investors and entrepreneurial types. Napoleon Hill was an American author in the area of the new thought movement, who was one of the earliest producers of the modern genre of personal-success literature and is widely considered to be one of the great writers on success. Hill's works examined the power of personal beliefs, and the role they play in personal success.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill PDF book

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This book has changed lives of so many people. If you are lost and you are giving up. YOu shall once read this book before you giveup. This book will lead you to business success. Download Book I appreciate your valuable comments and suggestions. I am trying to download this book but for some reason its not coming up. If you can please assist as it is a big help specially now we are on lock down and having a read helps in keeping mental health sane.

Available in PDF, epub, and Kindle ebook. This book has pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in

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