Join as the Volunteer

Join as the Volunteer

Thank you for being interested in contributing with The Floating School. We are very glad if you want to join us.

We didn’t have any requirement if you want to be our volunteer. If you have a passion for education and youth, you can call us and join the sail. There are three things that you can do if you become our volunteers:

  • Playing with the kids: we didn’t have any programs to the kids (Under 13 yo). The class of The Floating School is for the youngster from 13 yo to 20 yo. If you are interested with the kids, you can teach them traditional dance, give them activities such as drawing, coloring, read the books, etc. If you are professional, you can share anything with the kids.
  • You are a blogger, photographer or you can make a video documentary? You can help us to record everything about The Floating School. Help us to share about our activities, our kids, our programs to the world.
  • You have a good skill in dancing, drawing, singing/music, writing, crafting, computer or photography. You can join the class as the co-facilitator. You can help the youngster to learn a new skill. Accompany them to make a new creation.

If you want to make an event to the kids, you can inform us and we can collaborate with you. But, because of the boat capacity, every week we just provide up to seven volunteers. If you want to join the sail, please complete this form and wait for the confirmation from us.

Let’s Sail to Serve !