About Us

About Us

The Floating School is a semi-traditional boat which transports books, stationaries, education materials, and also mentors who will give fun creative workshops to youth in islands in Pangkep, South Sulawesi. The Floating School’s vision is to improve the quality of youth in the islands through a creative workshop which will enhance their skills based on their passions and talents.

Objectives :

  • Provide high quality and enrichment program for young teenagers in the island
  • Engage youth in weekly development workshop based on the passion and interest;
  • Connect group of young people between islands in Pangkep Regency;
  • Teach youth how to successfully develop their talent and earn money their talent
  • To expose youth to a several careers in various fields.

The Program:

The Floating School program has been running since February 2017, every Sunday morning in three different islands (Saugi, Satando, and Sapuli). The 2-hour workshops is delivered by local professional facilitators from Makassar and Pangkep. By the end of the program, the workshop participants will make exhibition to showcase their art works, creation, and performances.
The workshops that are offered by The Floating School fall into three categories Art Workshop (Drawing, Music, Dancing, and Crafting), Media and Technology (Photography, Basic Computer, and Graphic Design), and Literature Workshop (Writing).